Sep 16

Reuters: “Prism” Scandal Propels the U.S. Technology Industry

Reuters published an article entitled “Despite fears, NSA revelations helping US tech industry” analyzing that after the exposure of monitoring project called “Prism” implemented by the National Security Agency, it’s widely believed that the scandal will have a serious impact on the image and income of U.S. technology companies in overseas markets. But it turns out, because demands of encryption and related security services rise in overseas markets, which actually allow some U.S. technology companies to benefit a lot from the “prism” scandal.


The following is parts of the article:


Prophesies of doom


Shortly after Snowden’s leaked documents detailed collaboration giving the NSA access to the accounts of tens of thousands of net companies’ users, the big Internet companies and their allies issued dire warnings, predicting that American businesses would lose tens of billions of dollars in revenue abroad as distrustful customers seek out local alternatives.


In a federal court filing last week, Google said that still-unfolding news coverage was causing “substantial harm to Google’s reputation and business”. The company said that could be mitigated if it were allowed to comment with precision about its intelligence dealings.


Likewise, last month, six technology trade groups wrote to the White House to urge reforms in the spy programs, citing what it called a “study” predicting a $35 billion cumulative shortfall by 2016 in the vital economic sector.


That number, it turns out, was extrapolated from a security trade group’s survey of 207 non-U.S. members – and the group, the Cloud Security Alliance, had explicitly cautioned that its members weren’t representative of the entire industry.


Boon for encryption sector


As for the upside, so far only a minority of people and businesses are tackling encryption on their own or moving to privacy-protecting Web browsers, but encryption is expected to get easier with more new entrants.


Snowden himself said that strong encryption, applied correctly, was still reliable, even though the NSA has cracked or circumvented most of the ordinary, built-in security around Web email and financial transactions.


Some early adopters of encryption have senior jobs inside companies, and they could bring their habits to the office and eventually change the technology habits of the whole workplace, in the same way that executive fondness for iPhones and iPads prompted more companies to allow them access to corporate networks.


A week ago, Google said it had intensified encryption of internal data flows after learning about NSA practices from Snowden’s files, and consultants are urging other big businesses to do the same.


Stiennon said that after more companies encrypt, the NSA and other agencies will spend more to break through, accelerating a lucrative cycle. “They will start focusing on the encrypted data, because that’s where all the good stuff is,” Stiennon said.


Just as Snowden said, correctly applied strong encryption is still reliable. Correctly applied file encryption, folder encryption and USB encryption will useful and reliable for ordinary people and enterprise to protect their important or even confidential data. Data security isn’t a dispensable problem that we can ignore any more, for data loss and data leakage have retaliated back a bitter lesson. Complete data security management should be established in every enterprise and effective data protection should be paid more attention by individuals.

Sep 10

Google data center will fully encrypt data

Because of the data monitoring scandal of the U.S. National Security Agency (hereinafter referred to as “NSA”), Google has started a project that it will encrypt data transmitted between every data center.


“Washington Post” reported that Google has made this plan last year. But under the influence of “prism” incident of the NSA, Google is now ready to accelerate the implementation of the plan, in order to defend the company’s reputation for data protection. The vice president of Information Security Engineering of Google, Eric Grosse said: “This is an arms race, we see that the government sector is the most powerful race participants.”


On last Thursday, a report said that the U.S. government is seeking encryption keys to crack various forms of encryption solutions. Privacy protection and information security researcher, Ashkan Soltani said that government departments have a set of incredible keys, but they may be not applicable to this plan of Google.


Google’s plan does not have any influence on the legal requirements that this company need to meet. According to the Government’s request, Google still need to provide data for NSA or other departments. But Google has accelerated the deployment of this program, ensuring the program would begin in the coming months.


At present, the email transmitted from a Gmail account to another account email has been encrypted by “Transport Layer Security” encryption technology during the transmission. According to the plan, in the future the other data Google data center sends to others, such as the contents in Google Drive cloud storage service will be encrypted.


Google has not disclosed more information of the plan, such as how much it will cost Google, how many center centers it may refer to, and what encryption method it will use. Google said that this project will use end-to end encryption technology, which means that the data stored in the server and data in the transmission will be encrypted. It’s just like the folder protection on LAN which is used in our daily life, all the data will be conveyed to others via the Internet will be encrypted, which is a complete protection for the data. As the data leakage and data breach, we can’t pay too much attention to data security. As for us, individuals who are living in the real life and the network at the same time, we should take measures to password protect folder in the case of data being stolen.

Jul 22

Apple: Developer Center Downtime Results From Hacker Attacks

In July 22, Apple has just released a statement, explaining the Developer Center downtime events since last Thursday. The company said that its security system is compromised, the intruder may have stolen some of the developer’s name, mailing address and e-mail addresses and other personal information, but the user information is not stolen.


Apple is hoping to notice developers who may be affected. In addition, due to the intrusion event, Apple also decided to completely revised developer system, including updating the server software, and rebuilding the database and so on. This could also explain why the downtime lasted four days.


Apple expects the developer website will soon recover. The company’s statement reads as follows:


“Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed; however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took the site down immediately on Thursday and have been working around clock since then.


In order to prevent a security threat like this from happening again, we’re completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software, and rebuilding our entire database. We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect to have the developer website up again soon.”


Apple’s subsequent verify to the IT website Macworld that the incident did not result in any disclosure of user information. The company spokesman said that all user information is securely encrypted; the intruder couldn’t come into contact with the application code or message server storage applications. But the company declined to reveal whether the government agencies are investigating this issue.


For every company or group, the company secrets or the confidential data and information are the most important fortune for them, so almost all companies or enterprises are focusing on data security, they choose to encrypt folders contained confidential and important data and information. Therefore, the data cannot be breached even though the computer is broken in by hackers or other malware or virus, for the folder is protected by the encryption resolution so nobody can access to it without correct password. Locking shared folder and configure different access permissions to different people can effectively protect shared data on the LAN.

May 27

How Much Do You Know About BYOD?

According to a new study of Cisco system inc., the so-called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy saves cost for enterprise, while, at the same time, it increases the burden of employees.

Cisco’s report indicated, for the company that have high requirement of BYOD, they can save $1300 per year on each users. For users, they will take more money out of their own pocket.

This survey launched in six countries for 2,415 users reveals that after adopting the policy of BYOD, the average spending of per person on equipment is $965, and the data package fee of $ 734 will be paid per year.

The survey displays, employees bring their own device is happier than before, and perform a significant progress in efficiency. In American, staffs BYOD will shorten their working time of 81minutes per week, more than 70 hours a year.

However, this policy is not applicable for all countries, BYOD will produce negative impacts, for example, it will increase the difficulty of management and distract employees so as to reduce the working efficiency.

As for specific products, 81% BYOD staffs said they use the intelligence gathering, 56% said they would carry their tablet, 37% staffs carried laptop.

The report shows, the number of BYOD staffs is expected to increase to 406 million by 2016. At that time, this kind of employees in China will reach to 166 million, 106 million in U.S.A, and 76 million in India. At present, American has the largest number of BYOD staffs in the world.

We should be alert, the expansion of this policy will put our laptop and tablet into totally open environment, that’s to say, the private data and information stored in the device may be visited by others. If you don’t want your private information accessed by unauthorized person, you’d better take security measures to protect them, for example, you can password protect the folders and files on your computer.


With the help of folder protector, the data and information in your computer will be under encryption, so you can protect your private and confidential data from invasion and being stolen as well as enjoy your working time with your own devices.

May 13

Count Ten Brands of Storage Devices

Not long ago, storage appliance was still a new concept. Now, there are hundreds of storage appliance products in market. According to Gartern’s statistics, the only market of backup devices will achieve 19% yearly growth before 2016.

And then I will introduce ten types of storage devices below.

Data Domain DD160

EMC Data Domain sells various data de-duplication devices. Data Domain DD160 is the entry-level product which can meet customers’ need of data protection on a unified platform. It supports most back-up and archival applications and it integrates with EMC Avamar and EMC Networker. Increasing another remote DD160 will provide your disaster recovery with remote copy function based on the Internet.


Evault provides EVault Plug-n-Protect Appliance and EVault Express Recovery Appliance series back-up and recovery products. They contain default hardware, store and software, which is designed for data protection of cloud connection. EVault Plug-n-Protect has the cloud copy function, while EVault Express Recovery Appliance is able to speed up data recovery by keeping local data cache for data backup.

The price of EVault Plug-n-Protect is between $17,995 to $10,995.

Asigra Cloud Backup Connector Appliance

It is based on Cisco Integrated Service Router Generation 2 and is equipped with Asigra software under private, public and composite backup environment. This equipment will enable users to protect all company data on local LAN or backup all the data to data center of ISP.


The quotation of Asigra Cloud Connector starts at $2695.

Astute ViSX

Astute ViSX series are based on Performance Storage Appliancesof SSD. It offers storage I/O speedup, this function will be applied to the existing storage system. It start at $32,000


Grid from Gridstore enables you to increase storage block based on requirement. It virtualizes storage stack and distribute it in a grid based on network. It can also optimize workload by virtual controller. These controllers can well adjust every I/O requirement of virtualized or non-virtualized workload.


HP StoreOnce 2600

HP StoreOnce Backup provices joint data de-duplication function, which is available in small branch offices as well as large DR recovery site. This product contains several series, in which 2000 series is entry-level product. The quotation of StoreOnce 2600 starts at $10,000.

Avere FXT 3800

Avere FXT 3800 is a compound edge file system device. It can automatically have layers in memory, SSD, SAS and SATA. Data block will be distributed based on data active level. It can be clustered into other FXT Edge file system device, and be extended up to 50 node. It starts at $112,500.

 Sepaton S2100-ES3

With configuration of version 7.0 software, Sepaton S2100-ES3 Backup and Recovery Appliance PBBA contains 8Gb/sec fiber channel、1Gb/s Ethernet and 10Gb/s Ethernet connections. It can absorb data with speed of 80TB/h. It is configured with calendar data storage array, which can encrypt data during idle time and de-duplication. The price of it starts at $355,000, and the encryption of it needs individual authorities.

Pivot3 HC-3 Healthcare Validated VDI

Combined with VMware、Teradici、Samsung and Imprivata, Pivot3 provides medical sevice providers with VDI based on equipment. It integrates all storage and sever hardware, desktop virtualization software, license management software and endpoints in device mode. Every Pivot3 VDI device supports up to 125 desktop.

Silver Peak Virtual Appliance.

Silver Peak VRX-2、VRX-4 and VRX-8virtual devices provide data acceleration function to speed up the process of copy. They adopt Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture of Silver Peak to solve the problems of WAN and quality. This software runs on the standard virtual machine manager which includes VMware、 vSphere、MS、Hyper-V、Citrix XenServer and KVM。

The price of entry-level product, VRX-2 with the configuration of 60GB/h and remote copy function, is $2,764 per year.


With rapid development of storage devices, we should also pay more attention and efforts to file encryption to protect the important or even confidential data and information from stealing and breaching.

Feb 25

Google Chromebook Pixel: Amazing Product With HD Touch Screen

Ever since the release of Google Chromebook Pixel, it has become a focus for people from all walks of life. As a stunning computer, Chromebook Pixel has solid and powerful hardware and comparing to MacBook it is also neat in appearance and strong in performance. As the major competitor for Apple MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel was expected by lots of people before it’s released although Chromebook have been a simplicity-focused react to Windows computers. There is a tendency that Chromebooks should have dead because they are netbooks with lower cost.

The fact is that this type of PC has less starting times and more secure protection for files and data in the hard drive especially for people wants to lock files and important information. The Pixel is capable to impact MacBook with its two strong points that the latter do not have: HD touch screen (2560*1700 pixels) and application of 4G technology. While, Pixel has the attractions in function may not win back customers’ hart on the condition of the starting selling price of $1,299 which is apparently not so competitive.

The high-resolution display is an interesting element of the Pixel, while currently majority of the web was not made for it. And touch screen is also not a necessity for most PC users, but it can help to lead the whole world of computer into a new world where touch screen and HD display are the mainstreams. The progress for all technologies is hard to predict but people can experience it through constant trying, just like people find the way to lock USB drive disk and other files on computer to ensure data security, which is hard to image at the beginning of invention of USB flash drive.

Google Chromebook Pixel features a 12.85-inch display (2560*1700 pixels) with 239 pixels per inch which is the highest among all laptops in the market, according to Google. An Intelsat Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB solid state drive and 1 TB free cloud storage for 3 years which is rather attracting. But you will find that this machine which has all advantages of laptops is just a Web browser which is named Google OS.

Maybe this is just an exploration for its expansion of Google’s kingdom and a try for the future retail and marketing. The evolution of the technology world is also full of such explorations, and it is hard to tell too soon about the recent development of a single product.

Jan 09

USB Flash Disk in 1TB Supports USB 3.0

USB flash disk is a widely used tool for people live in the Information Age, it has small size and large storage volume, while how large the storage volume is, the answer is keep increasing these years rapidly, from Ms to Gs, and now maybe Ts. In the 2013 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) Kingston released a new USB flash drive disk in 1T storage and it support USB 3.0.

USB flash drive disk in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB is a usual product we can see in the market, in the mean time, HDD hard disks in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB had won their popularity for a long time for people with requirement to store very large files. While this DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 may startle people all over the world, this makes chain the USB flash disk as an accessory to key ring possible this year. And people can store more files in the USB drive disk and then carry them around freely. Tremendous storage may bring convenience to people who use it and when it allows people to store more and more files in the USB flash drive, it may pose risk to USB protection when placing sensitive files in the disk.     

It is reported that, this Kingston not only supports USB 3.0, but also support the newly released SuperSpeed USB 3.0, which has the maximum transmission rate up to 10Gbps. Therefore, you never need to worry about speed of data writing and reading in this USB disk. With the use of neat-looking zinc alloy material, DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 offers two models: DTHX30/512GB and DTHX30/1T, they are with storage capacity of 512GB and 1TB. About the price, the former 512GB USB flash drive disk is 1750 US dollar, which is very expensive for ordinary user, and the later have not give a price yet, and it plan to be put into the market in the end of the 1st quarter of this year, the price is not so favorable for most people, too.

With the exhibition of the DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3, people may predict the day they abandon HDD hard drive some day and enjoy using tiny and portable USB flash drive. While one thing for sure is that the small size and large storage will sure result in more and more data breach and data losing incidence. Therefore, issues concern with USB security and USB copy protection will increase.

The emerging of a new technology or a new product surely requires the verification of users and effect of time, it is hard to say it is a good one or suck one, so that let’s hope together for its popularity someday and test it by ourselves.

Jan 06

Guess about 2013 Computer Electronics Show (CES)

In every January the Computer Electronics Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas Convention Center, United States, this is the most influential previews of the cutting-edge electronics and new product launch conference for manufacturers all over the world. This year from January 8 – 11, 2013, more than 3000 exhibitors will participate this distinguished gathering.

All the attendees are expected to meet with the eye-opening products in the show, there is no doubt that this year Microsoft will be a big presence in this year’s CES as they released Windows 8 last year and exert great influence on the development of smart appliances, like tablet and laptop. Here is a guess about some of the buzz guess about the coming 2013 CES.

The release of Windows 8 tablet and laptop offers a new chance for the development of the exploring of possibility on the field of the combination of both products. Many manufacturers are trying their best to get a product with good user experience and folder encryption or file protection features, and it seems that this is not too far away. Touch screen tablets and laptops with the new feature can be designed flexibly and as we already known that tablets with keyboards and laptops with touch screen are welcomed by consumers in the market.

The progress on the field of smartphones is favorable for the passing year, Samsung and other giant phone manufacturers had brought us surprises as they release Windows Phone 8, phones with larger touch screen and more capable resolution like 720p or 1080p to display extraordinary HD video on the phone. Samsung is said to release a new foldable smartphone display which is highly expected by the fans and users in this area, so that even you drop your phone on the floor your display will not be cracked. Smartphones gradually take important roles in people’s daily life and they are like computers when connected to the wifi, and with large memory card users can get numerous of data and information in the phone nowadays. If you place some confidential files in the memory card you’d better lock USB drive and card to prevent data from being breached.  

You never gonna miss this year’s highest-end television sets in CES. They are the production of high technology without any doubt, what’s more they offer tremendous high quality image, while the price of it will never be so tremendous. Samsung and SONY and other high-end manufacturers plan to exhibit Ultra HD (or “4K”) and OLED sets which has aroused people’s attention for a long time.  

Other attracting and heated display on cameras with wifi function, appliance controlled by the computer, development in the auto area and apps and accessories for TV and phone also become the focus of most media. The development in technology has brought countless convenience to people in this Information Age, while the risk comes with any development so people need to be sensible about the high-end products and pay attention in data security and USB copy protection related to these technologies. For now there is less than a week for the opening of CES, let’s hope together for this year’s surprise from Vegas.


Nov 27

Ensure Data Security on Windows System

The operation system giant Mirosoft Windows has announced that Windows XP system has entered the countdown stage of stopping update completely. Actually this countdown has begun several years ago and recently it attracted people’s attention. Mirosoft said that Windows XP will stop updating after 500 days which means there will be no update of patch and security package for this system.

Windows XP is famous for its security features and the stopping of updates will expose users to great danger when there is no update and the rising of possible security issues will be headache for those users. This action will definitely cause a series of chain reaction to the related industries and fields. While as an ordinary user you may focus more on the effect of you data security in your computer with Windows XP system. If you lock files and folders in your computer with data security software in your computer this will not be a big deal for you and also not affect your data protection.

The development of operation system seems to be an inevitable process, from the innovation and upgrading of Windows alone we know that this is really a great progress in improving user experience. The release of Windows 7 horrified those conservative users, while after a period of time it turned out that it is a the trend that is unlikely to stop. Now Windows 8 may face the same issue as it previous sibling, while when witness the adoption and development of it in the smart phone and tablet field you can get that the take-off of Windows 8 is just a matter of time.

Data security means efforts from all aspects that related to the computer and the whole data storage world, and the security feature of the operation system itself is not enough for people with higher requirement, saying you can password protect USB drive or lock folders in your computer. The progress of technology is never mean to cause panic in users’ mind, you can think the better side of this issue and then get the best and most satisfied result.

Ensuring data security on Windows system means do whatever you can to protect your data in and out of the computer. Therefore, there are much more things you can do than worrying about the stopping of update of a single version of operation system.

Nov 20

Encryption is Not Omnipotent but Still Necessary

For people with valuable data and confidential documents leaving them unprotected and open is unwise and will cause irrevocable loss. So files need protection no matter when you access to them or just leave them alone. What is the best ways to safeguard data from being beamed across the Internet? Absolutely, encrypt folder or file. People incline to regard encryption method for all the issue concern with data security. This sounds quiet reasonable to some extent while there never exist a thing that is flawless.

Encryption is a good expression way of the using of cryptography. Some experts by the analysis of the theory of encryption found that encryption is not that much invulnerable technically. It works strictly according to some certain arithmetic so that it can be worked out with the right rules of arithmetic. That is to say if you lock files by encrypting them will not offer you 100% insurance of security someday in the future, it is just a matter of time.   

Encryption, at its core, it’s nothing more than replacing information with other data that makes it appear to be gibberish unless you have the key that helps you reverse the process (decrypt) so you can recover the original information.

Annoyed it may seemed, this is the real situation faced by people who are already adopted or plan to adopt the encryption method, however, without encryption the consequence is even worse. Keeping valuable data and confidential files open and unprotected will be a disaster for all the users, because those intangible cyber criminals are snooping you in somewhere you do not have any idea.

You should definitely employ encryption to protect your data whether it’s in transit across the Internet or resting safely on your laptop’s hard drive, but you should be aware that it’s just another element of computer and data security and understand that it’s not impenetrable.

In fact the encryption algorithm you use to lock folder and your data may be very strong today, but if you think deeper, after a long period of time any bored teen can crack with a few hours with their hands. Backup data may easily be forgotten and ignored, and years from now the file that was encrypted when the data was backed up may no longer be adequately protected.

Encryption has never been an easy matter for anyone, so that you can take precaution measures to safeguard your data from illegal breach or leaking in every detail. Apart from the technical difficulty in secure data permanently there are lots of thing you can do to stop unwanted reach of cyber criminals.