Dec 28

Dose Browser with Password Remembering Feature Pose You at Risk?

If you are Web user who used to have all of your login password and other account details remembered by the browser, you have to realize that you are exposed to losing your account information to the wrong hand. There is no denying that the feature of memorizing password of the browser offers you countless convenience and save you from the annoying of entering password every time you are required to login some sites.

Data security online is different from USB security issues or other data protection on the computer, it changes more often and vary from one browser to another. The using of the browser, synchronization of your data to other relevant account or devices and some other factors thread influence on the surety risks which the browser may bring with.

When you saving your password with the browser, the major problem is your account information or privacy may be snooped by malicious people. There is various danger may be triggered when you lose your computer or other devices, or your information is breached online by cyber criminals. Once you get your password lost in the evil hands you are very likely to lose your credit card information or other valuable data. The major web browsers are equipped with the feature of remembering your password, and if you are incline to use this feature you need to think twice.

On your computer you may adopt a exclusive folder encryption software to lock up your files and folders with password and passwords are now so important for every user, when it comes to password for online account the situation is with the same importance. If you are surfing on the website of a bank, you need not to remember your password, because once others get your password you are doomed to suffer from great loss which anyone can imagine. To ensure information security to the largest extent, you can set different password to different site and different account.

There is a kind of website which allows the user to view some login details as you save the password on the browser, so that if you lost the password other people may get your information easily. It is not wise enough for you to let the browser remember your password especially those password for important site. To ensure completely secure web-surfing environment, you need to be cautious in the details.

When you need to transfer data from a USB disk, you can pay attention to the protection of the disk which includes USB security and USB copy protection and the using of the website. As long as we know that the Internet Explorer 9 has the some feature to prevent web snooping of your account, Chrome 21 and Firefox 14 performance weaker in protecting privacy related to password details. What’s more the now operation system like Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not offer much security option on this aspect. Therefore be careful when you remember password on the browser and data and information security comes from your understanding and action.

Dec 14

Say No to Data Leakage from Internet Explorer

According to a survey recently conducted by a data collection company we find that among the major explorers Internet Explorer got a basically satisfied evaluation results. With the rising of some other explorers with good functionality and excellent user experience Internet Explorer seems be not competitive as they used to be. While it has been used for so many years and accumulate a large amount of users, so we still hope to hear some good news from it.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, hopefully you’ve already applied the updates from Patch Tuesday earlier this week. But, even if you did it seems your browser might still be vulnerable to a potentially serious issue which means you are still facing the threat of losing private information when you browse the Internet, and you need to prevent data leakage caused by this reason which is quite different from folder encryption and USB security issues.

Some data security companies that is specialized in helping users tell actual Internet user from automatic bot activity, announced that they’ve discovered a flaw that influence Internet Explorer the recent good browser from Microsoft, from 6 to 10. The flaw is that the mouse pointer can track everything on the screen, even on the condition that the window in minimized to the tray.

This definitely will cause data leakage when people are using the IE to explorer the Internet, so that you need to be carefully when you are using IE. There is no effective measure to solve this problem yet. And what you can do is to do something from your own side. Do not leave your personal information on the net that may be easily reached by the cyber criminals. What’s more, your online shopping records and bank account details admissible also be protected from the illegal use.

There is no complete ways to ensure a 100% data security when you are using the Internet, what you can do is be cautious as much as you can and pay attention your data security from time to time.

On the other hand, of you are a person who has the need to transfer data through USB devices or storing sensitive data on your computer you have to be careful and guard data security of them. To ensure USB files security you can use USB locker software to protect data and statistics in USB devices, therefore, when using a USB drive to transfer data on Internet you can feel at ease.

When it comes to protecting files and folders on the computer, you can refer to folder lock applications which using password to lock files and folders and prevent any data leakage from your computer.

Nov 15

Watch Out for Potential Danger: Surf the Internet in Safe Way

As long as you are using the web you can be followed or tracked by a variety of individuals or organizations. There are potential threats for your normal use of the Internet, you may need to communicate with friends on Twitter, shopping online just read some news on a homepage of a press or get some files from a unreliable website. Apart from being carefully about data in your computer, protect folder or lock files, to ensure security of your personal information, online activities may betray you in front of cyber criminals.

Losing your personal information on the web will definitely bring you a lot an unexpected trouble, nobody is willing to be peeped or supervised by uncertain enemies. So that you can hide your IP or surf the Internet by using the anonymity to ensure you are not followed or peeped by some on purposed guys.

Internet is a Pandora’s box which allows you to get the newest and elite resources and help you solve annoyed work and life problems with people online, yet malwares or cyber criminals also can take advantages of these convenience to track your shopping information or invade into your PC. Some of the irrevocable tragedies are result from careless PC users. You can get some plug-ins and useful tools on the Internet to help you guard your privacy and protect your sensitive data.

Apart from be cautious when you are online, you can pay attention to your files and document on your computer and portable USB disks. To encrypt folders and files on your computer will definitely stop potential threats from both the web and people in the real world. When using the browser you can reach to a sea of information, while have you ever noticed about the details of it. Speaking of browsers, you might want to set aside a second browser on your PC that you use solely for your anonymous activities. Most anonymizer services still allow websites to place cookies on your computer by default, and if you use the same browser for both everyday activities and the browsing you want to keep anonymous, websites could theoretically use those cookies to identify you.

 If you’re worried about local users snooping on your Internet exploits, be sure to use your browser’s Private or Incognito mode so that anyone opens your browser won’t be able to check the history and see your searching record.

What’s mote if you have the habit to uploading files or photos to the web from a USB memory card, you should be more careful about your USB drive encryption which means you can encrypt you USB drives to stop illegal use of your personal files and information. Now the new operation system like Windows 8 already offers new level of data security and ensures your surfing safety to some extent, while that is not enough for people with higher standards.

Complete security for surfing the web need efforts and trying from different aspects, so that be wise enough when facing some malwares or bad guys and learn to protect your privacy by using some tools and methods. Watch out potential dangers on Internet and make full use of useful online resources.