Apr 15

A Wearable Electronic Device: Smart Watch

 Microsoft is developing a type of smart watch with touch function, the Wall Street Journal said on April 15,2013, citing a person of supply chain. As the person familiar with the matter said, Microsoft has required Asian supplier to offer components for this type of smart watch. If it is true, Microsoft will step into the market of wearable electronic devices following Apple, Samsung and Google.

Smart watch is originated from watch phone, which is not only a watch but also a phone. Inside the smart watch is not quartz movement or mechanical movement but circuit board and microprocessor. Even though it’s impossible for the tiny stuff to include all the increasingly-developed functions of cell phone, many manufacturers endeavor to transfer the watch into phone accessories. Just like iPod nano 6 released by Apple, since its tiny size, the third-part accessories manufacturers creates watchbands for it to make it become iWatch. Of course, the real smart watch may not like iWatch which is independent from phone, it should be an accessory that embodies convenience to a phone. Just as the trend developed, several type of smart watch has appeared in the market. For example, I’m Watch, a type of touch smart watch which is based on the Droid 2 operating system of Android1.6, is compatible with multi-point touch, music player and cloud computing, it can realize the call function via Bluetooth.

As a wearable electronic device, smart watch will contain more applications so that we can use it to surf the Internet, store and share. Definitely we should notice folder protection on network to ensure data security of our materials when we enjoy the happiness brought by smart watch. We can hope that the smart watch will become the more convenient and portable electronic device which is widely used in the society in the near future. And, the smart watch, as a personal device, will also contain much valuable and private information like the removable storage device. It’s necessary to encrypt sd card to protect the materials from leakage and being stolen.

Dec 18

Mini PC: Entering the Age of Miniature

Nowadays people are pursuing the smaller and smarter features in all most all portable devices, and on some aspects, their need are successfully satisfied while the others are not. They use smart phones with a thinner frame and smaller size (or larger screen) and computers in more light and small appearance. Actually, now smart phones are used as computers as they has the function which allow people to surf the net with the phone. Now to meet the requirement of people who want to access the Internet via HDTV: mini PC, with miniature volume which has the shape and size of a USB drive disk and use mobile platform for data exchange.

These kind of pint-size PCs are amazingly tiny, incredibly inexpensive, and eminently customizable and avoid the power-hungry x86 processors found in desktop and laptop PCs in favor of mobile CPUs and GPUs, but each relies on an external monitor or HDTV—connected via HDMI—to display its user interface and other video output. Among them some mini PCs are extremely tiny and can be connected to the display with USB port.

There are various of mini PCs in the market and some of you may interest in this tiny and versatile computer, here is a brief introduction of an outstanding mini PC for example.

Although this kind of PC is cheap and affordable for most people, but you need to do some preparation to render them completely functional, don’t worry this would not takes much money and time and it is within the range of bearable things.

One of the outstanding mini PCs is MK802 II which is Android based computer manufactured by Chinese company. It has the size and appearance very much like a USB drive disk, and with a 1GB RAM and 4GB storage and A10 Cortex-A8 CPU. About the operating system, it is equipped with Android 4.0.

The release of such PC with mini size gives us a hope that someday in the future we may have the chance to access maybe USB sized computer with full function and features the same with computers we use today. We cannot deny that there are still some limitations in the using of mini PCs today, while this is the tendency and direction for the development of future computer.  

When you are enjoying the convenience brought by the newest technology you should not neglect issues related to data security in computers. Folder encryption methods are wildly used in today’s “normal” PCs, we hope in the future the similar theory can be applied to protect data security in the mini PCs.

One thing for sure is that, mini PCs are resemble the ordinary USB drive disks, and technical workers may get inspiration from the way to lock USB drives and secure people’s sensitive data in mini PC.  

Nov 21

Smart phone with which operation system can catch your eyes?

There is a sea of smart phones at your choice as so many mobile phone vendors release different smart phones from time to time. Smart phone now takes an important part in people’s daily life and business life with its splendid features of portability and all kinds of apps. When picking a smart phone you should take many factors into consideration such as hardware, operation system as well as the price.

When referring to hardware, the processor and storage weigh a lot. Processors all have been updated recently days with a better function of process data and storage of phone have been expanded to a large extent. With more and more data stored in a memory card of smart phone you’d better lock files in your card.

Apple, Google and Microsoft each has its own mobile operating systems and ecosystems — iOS, Android and Windows Phone, respectively — and they’ve been updated constantly. This three operation systems are now three giants in the phone operation system field. Here are some features of each of them.

The Android is now the most widely used in the smart phone world ever since its invention in 2008. You can place icons for your favorite apps anywhere on one of the multiple home screens, and then tap an icon to launch that app. On Android phones, apps, games and content such as movies and music are sold in one unified marketplace, the Google Play store. Android has open source which allow many manufacturers to apply and modify it to its own hardware. What’s more the latest Android 4.2 is applied on Nexus 4. One of the most popular Android is Samsung galaxy SIII and it will release a new version named La Fleur exclusively for female users.   

Apple’s iOS operating system powers iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch. It’s is the second top-selling smart phone operating system; 14% of all smartp hones sold worldwide in the last quarter were running iOS. Comparing with Android, iOS takes a small market share while it is still influential. Apps must be purchased in the official Apple App Store, which currently has more than 700,000 apps and games in stock. iOS 6is the latest version and applied in Apple phone products. With its special and unique features saying camera’s panorama mode and Siri  iOS is attractive and appealing.

The third one is Windows Phone 8, this is an OS developed by Microsoft and about 2% of the phones in the world were equipped with this OS. While this is a potential OS with splendid features and it is possible to display personalized information on the lock screen, such as your most recent calendar event, e-mail, text message or missed phone call. This OS interface is a good combination of entertainment and utility and people can easily sort files and find the specific data they need soon. Lumia 920 plans to be released in the coming month and this is a smart phone launched by Nokia which has arouse much attention.    

When choosing a smart phone you should be cautious about picking the right software and hardware. These three OSs are the most quoted buzzword in the mobile phone world. As a portable storage device and USB flash drive mobile phone also needs data protection. Ensuring data security in the memory card of phone you can password protect usb and block illegal access to your data and files.