Jan 09

USB Flash Disk in 1TB Supports USB 3.0

USB flash disk is a widely used tool for people live in the Information Age, it has small size and large storage volume, while how large the storage volume is, the answer is keep increasing these years rapidly, from Ms to Gs, and now maybe Ts. In the 2013 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) Kingston released a new USB flash drive disk in 1T storage and it support USB 3.0.

USB flash drive disk in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB is a usual product we can see in the market, in the mean time, HDD hard disks in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB had won their popularity for a long time for people with requirement to store very large files. While this DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 may startle people all over the world, this makes chain the USB flash disk as an accessory to key ring possible this year. And people can store more files in the USB drive disk and then carry them around freely. Tremendous storage may bring convenience to people who use it and when it allows people to store more and more files in the USB flash drive, it may pose risk to USB protection when placing sensitive files in the disk.     

It is reported that, this Kingston not only supports USB 3.0, but also support the newly released SuperSpeed USB 3.0, which has the maximum transmission rate up to 10Gbps. Therefore, you never need to worry about speed of data writing and reading in this USB disk. With the use of neat-looking zinc alloy material, DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 offers two models: DTHX30/512GB and DTHX30/1T, they are with storage capacity of 512GB and 1TB. About the price, the former 512GB USB flash drive disk is 1750 US dollar, which is very expensive for ordinary user, and the later have not give a price yet, and it plan to be put into the market in the end of the 1st quarter of this year, the price is not so favorable for most people, too.

With the exhibition of the DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3, people may predict the day they abandon HDD hard drive some day and enjoy using tiny and portable USB flash drive. While one thing for sure is that the small size and large storage will sure result in more and more data breach and data losing incidence. Therefore, issues concern with USB security and USB copy protection will increase.

The emerging of a new technology or a new product surely requires the verification of users and effect of time, it is hard to say it is a good one or suck one, so that let’s hope together for its popularity someday and test it by ourselves.

Jan 06

Guess about 2013 Computer Electronics Show (CES)

In every January the Computer Electronics Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas Convention Center, United States, this is the most influential previews of the cutting-edge electronics and new product launch conference for manufacturers all over the world. This year from January 8 – 11, 2013, more than 3000 exhibitors will participate this distinguished gathering.

All the attendees are expected to meet with the eye-opening products in the show, there is no doubt that this year Microsoft will be a big presence in this year’s CES as they released Windows 8 last year and exert great influence on the development of smart appliances, like tablet and laptop. Here is a guess about some of the buzz guess about the coming 2013 CES.

The release of Windows 8 tablet and laptop offers a new chance for the development of the exploring of possibility on the field of the combination of both products. Many manufacturers are trying their best to get a product with good user experience and folder encryption or file protection features, and it seems that this is not too far away. Touch screen tablets and laptops with the new feature can be designed flexibly and as we already known that tablets with keyboards and laptops with touch screen are welcomed by consumers in the market.

The progress on the field of smartphones is favorable for the passing year, Samsung and other giant phone manufacturers had brought us surprises as they release Windows Phone 8, phones with larger touch screen and more capable resolution like 720p or 1080p to display extraordinary HD video on the phone. Samsung is said to release a new foldable smartphone display which is highly expected by the fans and users in this area, so that even you drop your phone on the floor your display will not be cracked. Smartphones gradually take important roles in people’s daily life and they are like computers when connected to the wifi, and with large memory card users can get numerous of data and information in the phone nowadays. If you place some confidential files in the memory card you’d better lock USB drive and card to prevent data from being breached.  

You never gonna miss this year’s highest-end television sets in CES. They are the production of high technology without any doubt, what’s more they offer tremendous high quality image, while the price of it will never be so tremendous. Samsung and SONY and other high-end manufacturers plan to exhibit Ultra HD (or “4K”) and OLED sets which has aroused people’s attention for a long time.  

Other attracting and heated display on cameras with wifi function, appliance controlled by the computer, development in the auto area and apps and accessories for TV and phone also become the focus of most media. The development in technology has brought countless convenience to people in this Information Age, while the risk comes with any development so people need to be sensible about the high-end products and pay attention in data security and USB copy protection related to these technologies. For now there is less than a week for the opening of CES, let’s hope together for this year’s surprise from Vegas.