Several Details for Enterprise Security That Should Not Be Overlooked

We can’t put too much emphasize on enterprise network security and information security, because when you read this article, in the world, many companies are experiencing incidents huge economic losses or some even close down because of information leakage. This article hereby summarizes several protect information security have to pay attention to details, I hope you gain much after reading this article and become experts in information protection.


First of all, printer / fax machine is indispensable business office equipment. Printer / fax machine can bring convenience to the enterprise, but also can cause a fatal blow to the enterprise – the delay of printer / fax machine may cause confidential information leakage.


In a company, there is always the replacement of old and new employees. As a new employee, if he/she can browse resigned employee’s computer, and it is certainly of great benefit in understanding the new company. Such as the company’s customer records, rewards and penalties regulations, payroll, and even the important data which can only be known by specific individuals can also be seen. As business executive, network management, make sure whether there is any information that should not be known by new employees in the computer before turning over it to the new employees.


In addition, file sharing can greatly increase the efficiency for the staff. But someone will always carelessly disclose important information to each other when sharing files. Sometimes someone even snoop into the shared information. In order to avoid irrelevant people from peeping at the shared folder on the LAN, you can password protect the shared folder and then configure the relevant access permissions to specific people.


E-mail is a transit point for employees to steal information. The way of transferring company information by e-mail to steal company information accounts for 80% of information theft. Many companies do not install floppy, CD-ROM drive, USB port, but still cannot prevent employees stealing information by e-mail. Fortunately, there is a variety of e-mail monitoring software that can assist enterprise executive to monitor employees to send and receive e-mail. Therefore, in order to protect information security, and motivate employees to properly use e-mail, corporate should deploy e-mail monitoring software.


The data corrected by new employees in the first week is usually five times as many as which at the ordinary time. In this week, he/she can leave at anytime; he may crazily copy and transmit company’s data if he wanna steal these data for illegal purposes.