Prism: U.S. Use it to Monitor Netizens

Last week, former CIA employee, Edward Snowden’s leakage issue is called as reality version of American movies, handsome agent, glamorous pole dancing girlfriend, sophisticated state secrets, betrayal and exile, the agents system and lies, complicated Hong Kong, depressed black president, conflicts between personal privacy and national interest …… various elements are available, and some even have entitled: “Leaker: Snowden.”

This project is called “Prism” which means secretly use super software to monitor Internet users and telephone records. Now, the debate concerning that Snowden is a hero or a traitor is still in progress, Snowden’s whereabouts is still pending. Apart from these troubles and view companies and industries involved, their interests, gain and pay are a relatively clear picture.

According to Snowden, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, AOL, PalTalk, Skype, YouTube, etc. nine companies have been involved in espionage allegations, these companies are suspected of being involved in the issue that opening their servers to U.S. National Security Agency, which makes the government easily monitor millions of netizens mail, instant communication and data accessed.

Subsequently, these companies strongly denied the charges. But by June 14, Facebook, Microsoft admitted that the U.S. government indeed ask them for user data, and published some of the information and data content in order to get rid of quagmire as soon as possible.

 For this case, all of us, no matter individuals or groups, should turn our attention to potential information security threats. We should be aware of the security of private information and confidential data. For example, never fill your detailed information and private information in any forum, social network so that you will be less likely to be tracked through network by hackers. As for the data and information stored in the computer, their security is also an important matter that we should focus on, for once your computer are connected to Web, your computer becomes a totally open device which allow others to access your computer as well as you to contact the world. However, in this case, you cannot ignore the importance of data security, otherwise, data leakage and breaches will put you into troubles. Applying third party software to password protect files/folders stored in computer, and then they won’t be accessed unless entering right password, what’s more, the administrators can configure different access permissions so different people will have different right for the protected files/folders.


Actually, many people have noticed the importance of data security. For example, the forthcoming cloud computing standards will likely pay more attention to security issues, which will offer local production of hardware and software, system integration and cloud computing platform provider greater development space.