HP Recovery in Progress: Whitman Still Faces Challenge to Reach Victory

From the big data platform to the cloud computing operating system, from Android desktop computer to the printer, Hewlett-Packard launched a large number of new products in this “World Tour”, and these new products is no longer a follower, but have more new technology .


The first is its private, hosted and public cloud offerings, HP also announced the next generation of common architecture based on OpenStack. The followed are HP OS and CloudSystem Enterprise starter kit, along with new servers, tape libraries, 3P storage new products, HP comes up with a holistic solution.


This is Whitman’s “IT new forms”, she thought that “cloud computing, security, big data and mobile computing is changing this era,” and HP’s strategic goal is to allow the company to deal with this new form.


Last quarter, HP’s PC market share in China reached 7%, which is HP  new high after the incident of 315, and the in the aspect of printer, HP launched competent products which can come up with that of other major competitors such as Epson.


One of the outstanding products is a brisk 21-inch screen Android desktop computer, which is the first desktop computer with Android system in the industry. Apart from the market feedback, the action of launching this product itself is meant innovative.


Here, we may say now the competitions are almost around science and technology, and the rapid development and generation shift of electronic products makes computer, mobile phone and other scientific and technology products become one dispensable part of our life. At the same time, the data security is the attendant result the hi-tech society brings to us, we may always worry about the security of data and information stored in the computer, for they are easy to store, transfer and be stolen. When we enjoy the joy and convenience the science and technology offer us, we should protect our important data by locking file/folder for the data will be leaked via the Internet. With password protection of file/folder, the data and information will be under strict control by you yourself.


Even the furious competition of PC in the market, Whitman believes that “HP has started to recover,” and the iconic feature is the company concluded an internal adjustments.


Cite the case reported by Forbes for Whitman, after the failure that HP competed with Dell for Microsoft Bing server orders which worth $ 350 million, Whitman directly call Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, asking him outspoken how HP can do better. When Microsoft gave her a memorandum, HP spent one year enhancing their products, and in January of this year, HP beat Dell in the Bing order of $ 530 million.


But now what Whitman faces, is still an uncertain IT environment. EMC, IBM and even DELL are actively respond to the enterprise market, while Microsoft, Oracle began the transformation of cloud computing, HP’s software division has been considered a core competency, but the status that IBM are beginning to lay off increases the difficulty of HP recovery.



If HP’s recovery process is divided into two steps, which Whitman is now helping companies stopped the downward trend is the first step, and the second stage will be more difficult.