Google Glass Is Coming

Google glasses are coming into being! Wearable device, visual search, smart assistant, all of these concepts is abstract for ordinary people. We are still confused and wonder that what on earth can we do wearing Google glasses?


Google glasses has been known weigh 5 ounces which is more than 150 grams, while weight of normal spectacles frames are generally not more than 30 grams, and the lightest is only 8-9 grams. The weight of overall glasses are generally less than 100 grams, the lightest is less than 30 grams. Theoretically, the optimization of Google glasses weight won’t be less than normal glasses, for apart from glasses, there are several components such as chip and camera, etc.


Google glasses are completely integrated with Google server. As for the third-part application  developers, they can only utilize Mirror API for development. If you were Twitter, you can create a card which can be launched through voice recognition function to tweet a new card. However, all the data and information must be tweeted to Google server by Twitter first, and then Google will tweet them to Google glasses. Of course, when you enjoy the fun brought by Google Glass, what you should take notice every moment that your information and data are at risks of being stolen and missing. Password protect files stored in your portable devices.


This is a flexible and firmly controlled system by which you can tweet anything into your glasses card, such as a website or an IOS application. On the other side, Google thoroughly control every service to directly communicate with glass system. For example, there is no way to close the share system of glass, you don’t have systematic sharing method. On the one side, this way will enable Google to firmly control glasses applications. On the other side, this can ensure the system won’t use too much power owing to applications.


Nowadays, Google concentrates on making Mirror API and sharing system more effective, and the developers will gain ADB permissions as using Android.


For the time being, Google Glass is a smart phone companion, basic communication, input and output, etc. are still rely on smart phone. Google Glass, it along with cell phone makes our live richer. If Google Glass develops gradually to tackle the problems such as input and output, it will be a competitor against cell phone. At this stage, Google Glass and cell phone are in coordination. Google Glass will force cell phone to produce more applications to assist it, such as My Glass. For cell phone, it can also utilize the functions of Google Glass such as camera feature, interaction between visual search and eyes dominate, etc. which are portable and unique to innovate new applications for it.


Google Glass show us a new era where human beings make a further development between ideal and reality. The appearance of Google Glass makes more opportunities to connect people all around the world. You can express yourself as well as learn others with it.