Count Ten Brands of Storage Devices

Not long ago, storage appliance was still a new concept. Now, there are hundreds of storage appliance products in market. According to Gartern’s statistics, the only market of backup devices will achieve 19% yearly growth before 2016.

And then I will introduce ten types of storage devices below.

Data Domain DD160

EMC Data Domain sells various data de-duplication devices. Data Domain DD160 is the entry-level product which can meet customers’ need of data protection on a unified platform. It supports most back-up and archival applications and it integrates with EMC Avamar and EMC Networker. Increasing another remote DD160 will provide your disaster recovery with remote copy function based on the Internet.


Evault provides EVault Plug-n-Protect Appliance and EVault Express Recovery Appliance series back-up and recovery products. They contain default hardware, store and software, which is designed for data protection of cloud connection. EVault Plug-n-Protect has the cloud copy function, while EVault Express Recovery Appliance is able to speed up data recovery by keeping local data cache for data backup.

The price of EVault Plug-n-Protect is between $17,995 to $10,995.

Asigra Cloud Backup Connector Appliance

It is based on Cisco Integrated Service Router Generation 2 and is equipped with Asigra software under private, public and composite backup environment. This equipment will enable users to protect all company data on local LAN or backup all the data to data center of ISP.


The quotation of Asigra Cloud Connector starts at $2695.

Astute ViSX

Astute ViSX series are based on Performance Storage Appliancesof SSD. It offers storage I/O speedup, this function will be applied to the existing storage system. It start at $32,000


Grid from Gridstore enables you to increase storage block based on requirement. It virtualizes storage stack and distribute it in a grid based on network. It can also optimize workload by virtual controller. These controllers can well adjust every I/O requirement of virtualized or non-virtualized workload.


HP StoreOnce 2600

HP StoreOnce Backup provices joint data de-duplication function, which is available in small branch offices as well as large DR recovery site. This product contains several series, in which 2000 series is entry-level product. The quotation of StoreOnce 2600 starts at $10,000.

Avere FXT 3800

Avere FXT 3800 is a compound edge file system device. It can automatically have layers in memory, SSD, SAS and SATA. Data block will be distributed based on data active level. It can be clustered into other FXT Edge file system device, and be extended up to 50 node. It starts at $112,500.

 Sepaton S2100-ES3

With configuration of version 7.0 software, Sepaton S2100-ES3 Backup and Recovery Appliance PBBA contains 8Gb/sec fiber channel、1Gb/s Ethernet and 10Gb/s Ethernet connections. It can absorb data with speed of 80TB/h. It is configured with calendar data storage array, which can encrypt data during idle time and de-duplication. The price of it starts at $355,000, and the encryption of it needs individual authorities.

Pivot3 HC-3 Healthcare Validated VDI

Combined with VMware、Teradici、Samsung and Imprivata, Pivot3 provides medical sevice providers with VDI based on equipment. It integrates all storage and sever hardware, desktop virtualization software, license management software and endpoints in device mode. Every Pivot3 VDI device supports up to 125 desktop.

Silver Peak Virtual Appliance.

Silver Peak VRX-2、VRX-4 and VRX-8virtual devices provide data acceleration function to speed up the process of copy. They adopt Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture of Silver Peak to solve the problems of WAN and quality. This software runs on the standard virtual machine manager which includes VMware、 vSphere、MS、Hyper-V、Citrix XenServer and KVM。

The price of entry-level product, VRX-2 with the configuration of 60GB/h and remote copy function, is $2,764 per year.


With rapid development of storage devices, we should also pay more attention and efforts to file encryption to protect the important or even confidential data and information from stealing and breaching.