Feb 22

Identity Fraud Poses a Growing Threat to People’s Work and Private Life

According to a recent report that people in US are experiencing a continuous rising number of identity fraud in the last three years, which indicates that about 5 percent adults in America are affected by identity fraud. Comparing to the figure in the last three years, researchers find that in 2012 the number of identity fraud has risen by about 0.9 percent and stays at the highest level.

People in the modern society are suffering from all kinds of dangers that may result in the leakage of their personal information and important data as the related crime on both the Internet and the real world is rampant. From digital data protection on portable USB drive disks to data security issue for real paper documents, people lock USB disks and keep their files in safe place, however, the effect is barely satisfactory.

When it comes to the losses of identity Fraud, the victims are not the one who suffered the most, and it was proved that the bank, businesses and merchants absorbed a considerable amount of identity fraud. When criminals get people’s identity information they may apply for new account of credit cards, which harm the identity owner’s credit record and cause loss for financial institution as well.

Data breach from any area is an annoying enough matter for anyone. Let’s just take data breach from computer for example, people may store some highly confidential files or pictures on the computer, and when they are flown into the wrong hand the consequence would be terrible. A very possible source of identity theft is from Social Security members, which is a vital factor for opening a new account.  

Financial damages come from identity fraud are obvious in the sector of aging system when financial organizations exchange details of deposits and other cash transfer made by enterprises and individuals.

Data protection is becoming more and more important as increasing number of data leakage and data breach cases walk out on the show, therefore, folder encryption on computer or copy protect USB with valuable files which are rather important. Once your identity details for into the wrong hand you may become the target of criminals. For social service institutions it is very necessary to build more security information management system to protect citizens’ identity information and prevent identity theft from happening. For individual people, when they need to pose their information on the Internet they need to think twice and be cautious.

Feb 19

Network Vulnerability: Thousands of Devices is Faced with Danger of Hacker Attack

Routers are one of the most widely used devices for people with the need of sharing their network and gain more convenience in using the network. Nowadays, routers and other network devices are the roots of attacks from hackers and other cyber criminals because of their adoption of Plug and play technology. As the occurrence of hacker attack and illegal use of the network people now value their privacy and folder encryption than they ever had.

According to a recent report from international media that network security software company Rapid7 is going to release a white paper which contains the content that most of the network technologies used in the market now leave networks vulnerable and then result in hacker attacks on thousands of personal computers, printers and storage devices in normal network environment. These attacks usually cause serious consequence for people’s private life and working staff. Comparing to USB security issues which are easy to control attacks from network devices are random and unpredictable so network vulnerabilities need more attention.

Computer routers and other network devices is the root for exposing users’ equipments to the danger of attacks from hackers and cyber criminals owing to the using of Universal Plug and Play, UPnP technology which enables the network to recognize and communicate external equipments faster, which save the time for network debugging greatly.

In this white paper, Rapid7 pointed out that their researchers have figured out 3 independent vulnerabilities from UPnP technology standard and these vulnerabilities result in 40 million to 50 million devices which include some well known brands such as Belkin, D-Link and Linksys etc. all around the world are vulnerable to attack.

If you want to make sure your sensitive files and folders in your computer or a USB drive disk free from the annoy of being breached or copied without any permission you can use a special data protection or USB copy protection software to safeguard your confidential information. But how about data protection threats result from vulnerabilities in network devices? According to the study of Rapid7, hackers may take advantages of the existing security vulnerability and get your highly classified documents, steal password, gain the total control of your PC or obtain remote control of the web cameras, printers and security systems.

Rapid7 recommended that if a company or consumer suspects his or her devices are at the danger of vicious attack then close the UPnP function in time and Rapid has released a tool on their web to help their customer to scan for potential security vulnerabilities in their routers and related devices and products.   



Jan 25

Privacy Leakage are Serious in Bank, Tenement and Telecom Area in Hong Kong

It is reported that according to Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong with more and more residents attach more importance to privacy protection, these years the office has experienced a rising number of citizens who make queries to them. Last year alone, they received a total number of 19053 queries, which increased for 2 per cent. These complaints mainly involved in some private institutions, which refer to bank, tenement and telecom companies.

The fact is that, people now value their privacy more than they ever had before, that is not hard to tell from the number of people who using file and folder encryption and other data security software to safeguard their online and offline activities.

Last year the Office has received 1213 complaints, decreased about 18%, comparing to the former year (2011) which is 1486. Among all the complaints, the public or governmental organizations occupy about 1%, and the field that received the most complaints are police, housing, medical care and social welfare areas. There are about 50 privacy leakage relate to the government sectors incidences which more or less surprise the public.

About students in school, they often use USB drive disk to store files and studying materials, so that they value USB security very much, while how about the protection of personal information they put online. The fact is that, opening the searching site in Hong Kong, anyone can view and get information about students. According to the Office, these information include name, student number, their parents’ phone number and e-mail are put on the net by 11 education organizations, which will result in illegal use of the data by criminals.

Nowadays, data breach and data leakage of personal files are rampant, so it is urgent to take measures to protect private data. The worrying fact is that, the Office just revealed a very small part of the real situation. The privacy leakage affairs not only exist in the educational organizations, it goes for the commercial areas as well, although it is not so much obvious as the former one.

People can use some precaution method to prevent data losing and information leakage. First of all, when surfing the Internet, do not leave your private information in distrustful sites, and be alert about phishing webs. Next, you can password protect shared folder on the sharing network or LAN. Also do not forget strong anti-virus software and firewall, they are able to offer you a basic safe environment when you use the computer.   


Jan 22

Google May Abandon Password in the Future with Jewelry Replacing it

It is reported that an engineer from Google explained to international famous magazine Security and privacy that they think they’ve find the solution to annoying problem of forgetting or losing passwords. This engineer will explain explicitly about the reason about why they abandon the physical password, instead they choose a piece of jewelry, saying a ring for the future authentication tool.

In the modern days, as passwords becoming longer and longer and they are hard for ordinary people to memorize and faced with threats to get stolen. All of these problems have annoyed people from all around the world in using password protection or USB encryption method to secure their data and files on computer or other kind of storage devices. Google engineers write that the current security system and authentication system are insufficient to need people’s need of data security, partly due to the constant threats that exploit new bugs, what’s more, they say that simple token tools like passwords and coolies files are not secure enough anymore with the development of hacking techniques.

Google also emphasizes threats of phishing, in which hackers cheat on account owners by revealing sensitive information enter into a fake account log-in window, as one of the biggest security threats of today’s Internet data leakage and data breach.

Out of the purpose for more secure measures for information protection, Google designed a brand new system of authentication which allows users to log in a website quickly with the help of a mini USB disk. Using this method users are not required to install any software, although users may need to use browser which is required, according to Google. Comparing to folder encryption in the recent days, the registration and authentication protocols would be open and free, and this specially made USB device you can finish the authentication easily.

Of course, Google wish to find a simple plan for registration process, and it final target is to insert the security token into a ring or a smart phone at least. As long as people can keep their ring or the other carriers, they can make sure data security of their sensitive information.

It is said that Google now are testing YubiKey encryption card, which is much like a minimized USB disk. And in the future abandoning the current password is not very far away. Of course, all new technology need to experience thousands of testing before it really enter into the market and for sure it will crash the existing USB copy protection and folder protection method. Let’s just anticipate new technology will improve the authentication system and bring us more convenience in the future.   

Jan 15

Threats of Invisible Network Security Issues

Some unexpected affairs just happen without any hint, like the recent report that when people were shopping in a department store and suddenly the shark cylinders in it happen to explode when some people surrounded there to view the fish. About 15 people had a minor injury during the explosion of the cylinder, while this drew people’s attention about the security issues concerned with the cylinder and they kept asking it is safe to keep the shark cylinder there?

In fact, there are so many invisible potential security risks in the real life, and this is true for the virtual Internet world as well. This point can be prospected from the tendency that people using more and more folder locker or other data security solutions to secure their data in computer or network. With the explosively development of the Internet, the storage and transporting of all kind of information is proceeding at a amazing speed.

You may hear from your surrounding every now and then that how did my phone number flow into the hand of phone ads promoter? And how did the criminal get your home address? The leakage of personal information irritates people from time to time. What should people do when they confront to this kind of data security issues?

There exists various ways of potential risks of data breach and data leakage, and among them illegal operation of the information system database by the internal clients inside a company or enterprise is the major cause of personal information. According to a newly reported data leakage case, the examinees of a certification examination found that their personal information include address, phone number, ID, marriage was posted on a website. The examinees showed their outrage and asked the company to delete the excel form contain their information and apologize to them publicly.

Data security on the network requires close supervision and more powerful measures as well. Nowadays, we can see data leakage from all possible aspects, in a USB flash disk, in the shared network or just from the using of the computer. USB security has long been a headache for people who have to carry and transfer data from one place to another. In other words, invisible data security issues may burst in anywhere. Shared network protector programs can password protect files shared in the same working group and prevent copy and leakage of important documents and stop internal breach and on purposed damage of the shared files.

According to data security experts Ken, companies should strengthen the control mechanism of internal database, like the cause of the HR data leakage, and using advanced data security measures to protect their data from invisible leakage. Folder encryption or professional USB copy protection applications are good choices to free them from data breach, furthermore turning to data security experts for solution to stop privacy information of illegal extraction, leakage if necessary.  


Jan 11

Watch out for Rental PCs and Protect Your Privacy

Computers are now useful tools for people to handle their files and documents and offer them the chance to fulfill other requirement in both office use and family entertainment. For many people buying a computer directly is not economical so they rent-to-pay them for a period of time untilled they get the computer. While it has been proved that this method was insecure to some extent , according to some reports about rental agent using spyware to monitor the private life of the renter.

Nowadays, people value their data protection on PC and other digital devices, especially for folders contain personal information, therefore they adopt USB protection software or folder encryption application to guard their data security. How about stop spying from a computer that they have to use every day?

It is reported that a renter was monitored when he was using the rental computer, and at that time he was playing an online game then the other day he was shown a screenshot of his PC at that moment and some details about entering a password while he was visiting a website. Then he was required to pay for the PC at once by an employee of the rental agency. This is not reasonable of course and the renter was startled. Finally, after investigation, the employee revealed that the computer was installed with spy administrator streamline to enable the employees of the rental agency to track physical location of the PC and remotely activate its webcam and capture screenshots and keystrokes.

Remote controlling of the PC can help the rent agency to get customer information and secrets easily, a screen shot from a online game is not a big deal, while how about the camera your private life and hijack you and then ruin your reputation? The consequence is awful and terrible for any computer user. Fortunately, this crime activity is revealed and the rental agency was sued in the court. But no one knows the number about computers that are monitored by the rental agency and how many private data they’ve got, and will they cause further damage for PC users?

It aroused heated discussion about whether users’ computer privacy should be protected. The answer is obvious a yes. As PC and other digital electronics are parts of people’s life, people are trying their best to safeguard data and files in computer and prevent attacked from the Internet as well. As individuals value folder encryption and file protection more often, there are various of ways at their choices to ensure data security of personal information and business data.

From USB copy protection to malware and virus irritation prevention on the Internet, people have their own consideration about data security from all aspects. However, they share the same concern about protection of the most confidential and private information, so that as ordinary PC user, you need to pay attention on your computer and if you have to tent PC, you can go for a certificated agency. It is a fact that real protection comes from your carefulness and close attention.      

Jan 09

USB Flash Disk in 1TB Supports USB 3.0

USB flash disk is a widely used tool for people live in the Information Age, it has small size and large storage volume, while how large the storage volume is, the answer is keep increasing these years rapidly, from Ms to Gs, and now maybe Ts. In the 2013 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) Kingston released a new USB flash drive disk in 1T storage and it support USB 3.0.

USB flash drive disk in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB is a usual product we can see in the market, in the mean time, HDD hard disks in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB had won their popularity for a long time for people with requirement to store very large files. While this DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 may startle people all over the world, this makes chain the USB flash disk as an accessory to key ring possible this year. And people can store more files in the USB drive disk and then carry them around freely. Tremendous storage may bring convenience to people who use it and when it allows people to store more and more files in the USB flash drive, it may pose risk to USB protection when placing sensitive files in the disk.     

It is reported that, this Kingston not only supports USB 3.0, but also support the newly released SuperSpeed USB 3.0, which has the maximum transmission rate up to 10Gbps. Therefore, you never need to worry about speed of data writing and reading in this USB disk. With the use of neat-looking zinc alloy material, DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 offers two models: DTHX30/512GB and DTHX30/1T, they are with storage capacity of 512GB and 1TB. About the price, the former 512GB USB flash drive disk is 1750 US dollar, which is very expensive for ordinary user, and the later have not give a price yet, and it plan to be put into the market in the end of the 1st quarter of this year, the price is not so favorable for most people, too.

With the exhibition of the DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3, people may predict the day they abandon HDD hard drive some day and enjoy using tiny and portable USB flash drive. While one thing for sure is that the small size and large storage will sure result in more and more data breach and data losing incidence. Therefore, issues concern with USB security and USB copy protection will increase.

The emerging of a new technology or a new product surely requires the verification of users and effect of time, it is hard to say it is a good one or suck one, so that let’s hope together for its popularity someday and test it by ourselves.

Jan 06

Guess about 2013 Computer Electronics Show (CES)

In every January the Computer Electronics Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas Convention Center, United States, this is the most influential previews of the cutting-edge electronics and new product launch conference for manufacturers all over the world. This year from January 8 – 11, 2013, more than 3000 exhibitors will participate this distinguished gathering.

All the attendees are expected to meet with the eye-opening products in the show, there is no doubt that this year Microsoft will be a big presence in this year’s CES as they released Windows 8 last year and exert great influence on the development of smart appliances, like tablet and laptop. Here is a guess about some of the buzz guess about the coming 2013 CES.

The release of Windows 8 tablet and laptop offers a new chance for the development of the exploring of possibility on the field of the combination of both products. Many manufacturers are trying their best to get a product with good user experience and folder encryption or file protection features, and it seems that this is not too far away. Touch screen tablets and laptops with the new feature can be designed flexibly and as we already known that tablets with keyboards and laptops with touch screen are welcomed by consumers in the market.

The progress on the field of smartphones is favorable for the passing year, Samsung and other giant phone manufacturers had brought us surprises as they release Windows Phone 8, phones with larger touch screen and more capable resolution like 720p or 1080p to display extraordinary HD video on the phone. Samsung is said to release a new foldable smartphone display which is highly expected by the fans and users in this area, so that even you drop your phone on the floor your display will not be cracked. Smartphones gradually take important roles in people’s daily life and they are like computers when connected to the wifi, and with large memory card users can get numerous of data and information in the phone nowadays. If you place some confidential files in the memory card you’d better lock USB drive and card to prevent data from being breached.  

You never gonna miss this year’s highest-end television sets in CES. They are the production of high technology without any doubt, what’s more they offer tremendous high quality image, while the price of it will never be so tremendous. Samsung and SONY and other high-end manufacturers plan to exhibit Ultra HD (or “4K”) and OLED sets which has aroused people’s attention for a long time.  

Other attracting and heated display on cameras with wifi function, appliance controlled by the computer, development in the auto area and apps and accessories for TV and phone also become the focus of most media. The development in technology has brought countless convenience to people in this Information Age, while the risk comes with any development so people need to be sensible about the high-end products and pay attention in data security and USB copy protection related to these technologies. For now there is less than a week for the opening of CES, let’s hope together for this year’s surprise from Vegas.


Dec 28

Dose Browser with Password Remembering Feature Pose You at Risk?

If you are Web user who used to have all of your login password and other account details remembered by the browser, you have to realize that you are exposed to losing your account information to the wrong hand. There is no denying that the feature of memorizing password of the browser offers you countless convenience and save you from the annoying of entering password every time you are required to login some sites.

Data security online is different from USB security issues or other data protection on the computer, it changes more often and vary from one browser to another. The using of the browser, synchronization of your data to other relevant account or devices and some other factors thread influence on the surety risks which the browser may bring with.

When you saving your password with the browser, the major problem is your account information or privacy may be snooped by malicious people. There is various danger may be triggered when you lose your computer or other devices, or your information is breached online by cyber criminals. Once you get your password lost in the evil hands you are very likely to lose your credit card information or other valuable data. The major web browsers are equipped with the feature of remembering your password, and if you are incline to use this feature you need to think twice.

On your computer you may adopt a exclusive folder encryption software to lock up your files and folders with password and passwords are now so important for every user, when it comes to password for online account the situation is with the same importance. If you are surfing on the website of a bank, you need not to remember your password, because once others get your password you are doomed to suffer from great loss which anyone can imagine. To ensure information security to the largest extent, you can set different password to different site and different account.

There is a kind of website which allows the user to view some login details as you save the password on the browser, so that if you lost the password other people may get your information easily. It is not wise enough for you to let the browser remember your password especially those password for important site. To ensure completely secure web-surfing environment, you need to be cautious in the details.

When you need to transfer data from a USB disk, you can pay attention to the protection of the disk which includes USB security and USB copy protection and the using of the website. As long as we know that the Internet Explorer 9 has the some feature to prevent web snooping of your account, Chrome 21 and Firefox 14 performance weaker in protecting privacy related to password details. What’s more the now operation system like Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not offer much security option on this aspect. Therefore be careful when you remember password on the browser and data and information security comes from your understanding and action.

Dec 27

What if Instagram Says They Can Sell Your Photos?

As the most popular online photo sharing social network site, Instagram which was bought by Facebook, claims they have the right to sell users’ photo without paying them or letting them know about it. This news aroused heated discussion about copyright protection issues ever since its release. In fact, almost all users have the opinion that from virtual files protection, saying USB copy protection to real publishing copyright protection, they are very important matters which related closely to their daily life.

Although, the other several days Instagram said that the public may have misunderstood them and their new policy, while this is not enough to explain why they owe the perpetual copyright of licensing all photos on Instagram for commercial use, such as advertising use. On December 17, this year, Instagram updated its Terms of Service to claim itself right to sell users’ photos to third parties without notification or compensation after January 16, the year 2013. As an ordinary user of Instagram this announcement soon caused bunch of criticism from people from different area.

Some people now have deleted their Instagram account for the unknown use of their photo in the future, while many people noticed that if the deletion keeps going on untilled January 16, the year 2013 they may give the wrong information to the public that Facebook can do this groundless action and they will tacitly approve that Facebook can use their photos without any notification.

There is no doubt that this policy is a “suicidal” move for the living of Instagram and it disappointed the user in every possible way. According to the analysts the new policy could deal a blow to reputation of Facebook and alienate some of its fans. Although now the social networking sites soon get popularity, it does not means all ordinary users will follow their policy unconditionally, copyright protection and protection of some confidential or private files on computer such as folder encryption never pause.

While according to other group of people, maybe Facebook haven’t plan to put pictures in Instagram into commercial use, while it do give the public a hint that this is very likely to turn into reality someday with both Instagram and Facebook didn’t explain much about this when Instagram said that this policy was designed to make it easier for them to cooperate with Facebook.

It’s may be true that Facebook may not intend to monetize the photos get from Instagram, while we know that lawyers often cite overly broad language to permit potential business opportunities which may like written in water. Total protection on the Internet need efforts from all aspects, unlike USB security issues this kind of protection online is more complicated and requires more supervision. However, on the other hand, there’s no obvious language that would stop Facebook from using your pictures, what’s more the company’s silence in the face of questions today hasn’t helped and leave much more doubt.