Jan 06

Guess about 2013 Computer Electronics Show (CES)

In every January the Computer Electronics Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas Convention Center, United States, this is the most influential previews of the cutting-edge electronics and new product launch conference for manufacturers all over the world. This year from January 8 – 11, 2013, more than 3000 exhibitors will participate this distinguished gathering.

All the attendees are expected to meet with the eye-opening products in the show, there is no doubt that this year Microsoft will be a big presence in this year’s CES as they released Windows 8 last year and exert great influence on the development of smart appliances, like tablet and laptop. Here is a guess about some of the buzz guess about the coming 2013 CES.

The release of Windows 8 tablet and laptop offers a new chance for the development of the exploring of possibility on the field of the combination of both products. Many manufacturers are trying their best to get a product with good user experience and folder encryption or file protection features, and it seems that this is not too far away. Touch screen tablets and laptops with the new feature can be designed flexibly and as we already known that tablets with keyboards and laptops with touch screen are welcomed by consumers in the market.

The progress on the field of smartphones is favorable for the passing year, Samsung and other giant phone manufacturers had brought us surprises as they release Windows Phone 8, phones with larger touch screen and more capable resolution like 720p or 1080p to display extraordinary HD video on the phone. Samsung is said to release a new foldable smartphone display which is highly expected by the fans and users in this area, so that even you drop your phone on the floor your display will not be cracked. Smartphones gradually take important roles in people’s daily life and they are like computers when connected to the wifi, and with large memory card users can get numerous of data and information in the phone nowadays. If you place some confidential files in the memory card you’d better lock USB drive and card to prevent data from being breached.  

You never gonna miss this year’s highest-end television sets in CES. They are the production of high technology without any doubt, what’s more they offer tremendous high quality image, while the price of it will never be so tremendous. Samsung and SONY and other high-end manufacturers plan to exhibit Ultra HD (or “4K”) and OLED sets which has aroused people’s attention for a long time.  

Other attracting and heated display on cameras with wifi function, appliance controlled by the computer, development in the auto area and apps and accessories for TV and phone also become the focus of most media. The development in technology has brought countless convenience to people in this Information Age, while the risk comes with any development so people need to be sensible about the high-end products and pay attention in data security and USB copy protection related to these technologies. For now there is less than a week for the opening of CES, let’s hope together for this year’s surprise from Vegas.


Dec 27

What if Instagram Says They Can Sell Your Photos?

As the most popular online photo sharing social network site, Instagram which was bought by Facebook, claims they have the right to sell users’ photo without paying them or letting them know about it. This news aroused heated discussion about copyright protection issues ever since its release. In fact, almost all users have the opinion that from virtual files protection, saying USB copy protection to real publishing copyright protection, they are very important matters which related closely to their daily life.

Although, the other several days Instagram said that the public may have misunderstood them and their new policy, while this is not enough to explain why they owe the perpetual copyright of licensing all photos on Instagram for commercial use, such as advertising use. On December 17, this year, Instagram updated its Terms of Service to claim itself right to sell users’ photos to third parties without notification or compensation after January 16, the year 2013. As an ordinary user of Instagram this announcement soon caused bunch of criticism from people from different area.

Some people now have deleted their Instagram account for the unknown use of their photo in the future, while many people noticed that if the deletion keeps going on untilled January 16, the year 2013 they may give the wrong information to the public that Facebook can do this groundless action and they will tacitly approve that Facebook can use their photos without any notification.

There is no doubt that this policy is a “suicidal” move for the living of Instagram and it disappointed the user in every possible way. According to the analysts the new policy could deal a blow to reputation of Facebook and alienate some of its fans. Although now the social networking sites soon get popularity, it does not means all ordinary users will follow their policy unconditionally, copyright protection and protection of some confidential or private files on computer such as folder encryption never pause.

While according to other group of people, maybe Facebook haven’t plan to put pictures in Instagram into commercial use, while it do give the public a hint that this is very likely to turn into reality someday with both Instagram and Facebook didn’t explain much about this when Instagram said that this policy was designed to make it easier for them to cooperate with Facebook.

It’s may be true that Facebook may not intend to monetize the photos get from Instagram, while we know that lawyers often cite overly broad language to permit potential business opportunities which may like written in water. Total protection on the Internet need efforts from all aspects, unlike USB security issues this kind of protection online is more complicated and requires more supervision. However, on the other hand, there’s no obvious language that would stop Facebook from using your pictures, what’s more the company’s silence in the face of questions today hasn’t helped and leave much more doubt.


Nov 23

Is This an Ultrabook or Tablet?

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 8 operation system PC manufacturers begin to launch their new protects one after another. These notebooks and laptops are more or less similar to ultrabooks, but they are different from ultrabooks in some features which means with the adding of Windows 8 and touch features the new generation of notebooks are functionally strengthened tablets to some extent.  With the appearance of a tablet these notebooks have the configuration of a PC, saying a powerful processor and a large storage which allows you to carry more data, pay attention to your data in your notebook and lock folder or file in it.

The appearance of Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro makes the definition of notebook and tablet even more confused. It has a plugged-in screen which allows you to turn the screen to a independent tablet with the configuration of a mobile platform products: i5-3317U processor, 4GB RAM and Solid State Disk.

Dab the button to unhook the tablet from the keyboard dock, and the improved build quality is instantly apparent. Where the Atom-powered Ativ Smart PC felt plasticky, the metal-framed Ativ Smart PC Pro is much more solid in the hand.

Connectivity is largely identical, but the single USB 2 port gets bumped up to USB 3 on the Pro model. Both 3G- and 4G-equipped models are on the horizon, and dual-band 802.11n and Bluetooth 4 make the grade. Disappointingly, though, you’ll still have to rely on the bundled USB Ethernet adapter for wired connections.

There is no clear definition of the difference between ultrabook and tablet, and specification of mobile platform can be apply to other platforms. While the awkward situation is that it makes the product properties blur.

From the overview of the specification of Ativ Smart PC Pro, we know that this is a tablet equipped with mobile platform. Comparing with other tablet devices it has more advanced functionality and offers user better user experience.

No matter what kind of computer or tablet you user, one point you should keep in mind is folder encryption and data security weigh a lot for you. Any possible data breach or data losing will cause irrevocable loss for your sensitive files. The development of new technology on PC and other smart devices allows you to experience the changes brought by the newest technology so that it doesn’t matter whether it is an ultrabook or tablet.

Nov 13

Be Careful About Your Personal Information on Windows 7/windows 8

Most of the time, we tend to focus on the rapid update and release of computer operation systems and new digital products like new tablet and new camera. When you are enjoying all kinds of convenience bought with these high-tech products please be careful about your personal information. There are a variety of spies or cyber criminals hide in the internet and they are not much like those people you can see in a film. 

Those cyber criminals can be anyone occur in your life: a neighbor, a friend, a coworker or event your lover! Windows 8 is a breakthrough for Microsoft after entering into the age of touch smart products, while these personalized new features also leave a great space for bad guy to get your personal information or confidential files on purposely. Password protect folders and locking file in your computer is a good way to guard personal information in your PC.

Your life cannot be disturbed when you realized that there are so many potential threats hiding around your life, and there are many methods for you to protect your personal information from ending into the wrong hands.

Firstly about stop spying and hackers on line, we would get to know that the goal of spying is to gain information and anyone can find plenty of personal information about you—or anyone, really—by knowing where to look. It seems that we get most of our information about some celebrities or people popular on a certain field online, so that if you are searched by other people, your information more or less can be found. So that you can’t prevent the information collected about you in private databases, but you do have some control over your online presence and can protect yourself against social engineering.

Controlling your online posts is another good way to prevent data leaking about you. The less contact with Internet the safer your personal information will be.

About protection of your personal files and documents in your computer and a USB flash drive, the best way is to lock folders and lock USB drives with the help of data security software. Do not share your password with anyone if your data or information is of top grade confidential. There are many facts can verify that information leakage are closely connected with password breach and missing.

Even if you empty your recycle bin from time to time you can be more careful to deal with your document trashes. Simply remove them from your recycle bin id obviously not enough for the protection of your personal information. Find a reliable way to password protect folder and file shredder to eliminate unwanted files contain sensitive information.

Suspicious friends, vengeful enemies, and jealous coworkers may take small steps towards finding your personal data. You never know who’s lurking around the corner. It may be a stranger or a friend, but you won’t have to worry if you make an effort to protect your personal data on Windows 7/Windows 8.

Nov 09

PC Security: Keep Up With the Pace of Windows 8 Computer

Personal digital products are necessities for people’s life now, from smart phones to laptops it seems that people cannot be apart from these products any longer. Although mobiles phone is the most crucial personal technology purchase, we cannot deny that the development of tablets and new computers especially laptops with windows 8 system has changed people perspectives a lot.

PC Security is a serious issue that has attracted people’s attention for a long time. Most people incline to store their important files and document in a laptop so that they carry the files with them if they need out for a meeting or travel.

Windows 8 wins a lot of followers with good performance in its personalized new features. At the same time as a not so mature and user-tested product it faces a lot of doubts and prejudices.

Therefore security issues can easily find their way to arouse users’ attention.

Mobile malware is getting lots of attention these days, but you can’t ignore your PC’s security—after all, you probably still use it to pay bills, shop online, and store sensitive documents. You should fully protect yourself to lessen the chance of cybercriminals infiltrating your computer and your online accounts, capturing your personal information, invading your privacy, and stealing your money and identity. So that file encryption in a PC is of great importance as well.

If you don’t take any precaution measures your files or documents may be accessed by an unauthorized user or perhaps your children may delete your important data by accident. A specially designed data security software can wipe out all these worries and guard sensitive data in a PC for you.

Protecting your files from computer thieves and from people who tap in to your Wi-Fi signal is also significant. Encrypting and locking up your PC is the only effective way to ensure that a bad guy fail to recover your documents, passwords, and other information. And unless you password protect and lock up your wireless network, anyone nearby can connect to it, monitor your Internet usage, and possibly access your computers and files.

There are so many data security solutions at your choice, please be cautious when you plan to select one of them. Windows 8 is regarded as Microsoft’s majestic OS reset which can usher Windows platform into the age of mobility. Do not ignore any possible threat to your PC when you are enjoying all the convenience and new using experience in this new OS. PC Security especially data security needs constant efforts and persistence.

Oct 24

Threat of Data Leaking And an Urgent Solution

The rapid development in the computer technology presents a whole different and brilliant world in front of us. Most often we take the security of files for granted and ignore the fact that even the tiniest threat can cause great damage. There exist a numerous potential threats when information is stored and transferred in a variety of ways. Any possible leakage of the information will bring both economic and mental loss to the owner not to mention the severe consequence resulted by the loss of the first grade confidential data.

 Pay attention on data security in a personal PC.

 You are facing all kinds of data leaking in every possible way. If you are just an ordinary PC user, you may think it is not a big deal to put all your working files and documents in the hard drive. While the fact is that it is not wise enough to keep all valuable data open in a computer when all kinds of cyber criminals are rampant.

When people mention illegal data theft, the first thing comes to your mind might be the hacker stuff. This group of people can invade your computer with advanced technology in anytime from long-distance control. Or you may think as a nobody they may not even notice you, but the fact is that you are only a vulnerable computer in their eyes and your data can be easily reached. As the hackers on the Internet are invisible and intangible the only and effective way to guard your files and documents from hackers is to take precautionary measures to protect your privacy.

Another threat for data in a personal computer is from the unauthorized access. You may see a commend scenario in a movie or TV series that the confidential files are easily copied and taken away by a criminal or a rival. This kind of data breach is unpredictable and hard to stop to some extent. Some people just prone to place their data in an open disk and would be bitterly regretted untilled it is too late.

Data security is an urgent problem faced by most of the PC users if they have any important files placed in the local hard drive. The most effective and reliable way to avert any data breach is adopting a strong and reliable program with a password to prevent any possible illegal access to your computer.

 Don’t ignore data security protection in a portable storage disk.

 Using a USB flash disk or other portable storage disk to transfer and copy files from one computer to another might be the easiest and most convenient way for data delivering. However, during this process your valuable data are in a danger of being breached and spread illegally. If you do not lock up your USB disk or take up any other measures to guard it, once you lost your disk you may have to suffer an irreparable damage, then both your work and private life can be affected greatly.

Protecting a USB disk means to use proper method to ensure the security of all data and files in it, that is to say you have to nip any possible data leaking and breach in the bud. From the level of some daily activities you can do a lot of thing to guard the safety of your data, for example do not leave your USB disk in a public place and do not put it in an unreliable hand.

Well, the most useful and direct way to protect a USB flash disk is to set administrator access permission for the operation of the disk and stop any unauthorized access and modification in the disk, therefore, only the administrator or the authorized user can open and make use of the files with a correct password. With the help of a data security program you can get all the above features successfully.  

 Stop data leakage in a shared network and LAN

 Files shared in a shared network and LAN increase the efficiency of working for people in the same network. But without any protection measures the shred files are easily become the target of the cyber criminals and other bad guy. Perhaps your enterprise confidential is flowing out just because the weak protection and lack of awareness of protection.  

To maintain the normal operation of a company sharing basic and internal files or folders is necessary. When you think you are cautious enough to keep all the data of great value in a safe state, but the battle with data leakage or lose will never come to an end. Just leave the shared files or folders open and unprotected in the network can bring you endless trouble and headache, especially when the files are of great value.

If you wish to make sure your share files or folders are accessible only to the specific users you can set a password to guard the shared folder and assign different access permission to each user. To block the attack from malware or cyber criminals you can lock up your files or folders in the shared network and LAN so that every visitor to the files will be stopped without permission.

 All in all, data leakage exists in every aspect of data storage or transferring, and any minor carelessness may cause irrevocable loss to a people’s privacy or a confidential files or documents in a company. To prevent any illegal access to your computer, USB flash disk or shared network, the most effective and accessible measure is to seek for the help of a proper data security program. Only when you realize and value the fact that protection all your files and data is an urgent issue wait to be solved, can you bring yourself a total peace of mind.

Sep 24

How to manage access permissions of a folder in Windows 7

As a owner of a folder in a group, sometimes you need to set the access permissions to protect important files/folder from illegal modifing. Here are two methods which can help you manage permissions of a folder. That is to say, you can lock a folder with the properties of folder itself or through a reliable and easy-handling folder encryption software.

1. Here is the detailed process of setting the permission of a folder via folder properties:

Right-click the folder you want to lock, then select “Properties”, appears a window as follow:

Then click the “Security” button, firstly, choose a group of users that you want to allow or deney their permission, and then click “Edit”, now you can edit the permissions to specific users of this folder. According to your personal need, you can select them all or choose one or several of them from a series of permission options. After finish selecting you can click “OK” and then a “Yes” on the “Windows security” interface to reserve the modification. Pictures are presented as blow:

So far we finished setting permissions of a folder by the function of Windows itself, and it may works when do basic control of the folder permission, however it will usless if someone change your setting in the computer and your files and data will stay in a insecure state. If your folders are of high importance and containing some confidential information you should take measures to protect it from being stolen and distorted, so you’d better password lock your folders.

2. Here is about how to manage the access permissions of a folder with a password, this is realized with the help of Advanced Folder Encryption software.

Firstly download Advaned Folder Encryption here. And the install it on your computer, then you will see a main window:

Drag the folder need to lock to the main window, and then set your password and confirm it. Just clicking “Encrypt” button in the end. You’ve locked this folder successfully, and anyone in the user group even yourself want to view, modify, move or delet it will need a correct password.

This software ensures your valuable data are in a reliable hand and you don’t need to worry about the leakage, loss and theft of files. This can be easily used by any user even if you are totally  unfimiliar with any system setting of a computer. This is just the perfect enbodiment of a easy but secure way to lock files.

If you have further questions about protecting a folder, please vist http://www.kakasoft.com/advanced-folder-lock/ and welcome to share and exchange  your own experance of protect a file and manage the permission of folder.

Jun 21

What is 256-bit AES encryption?

AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) is a specification for data and file encryption. It is now used worldwide by government and private technology enterprises. It supersedes DES and is one of the most advanced encryption algorithm so far on the world. The key described by AES is used for both file encrypting and decrypting.

How secure is 256-bit AES encryption?

AES security is strong enough to be certified for use by the US government for top secret information. It is FIPS certified and there are currently no known non-brute-force direct attacks against AES. So, if a file encryption program or browser communication protocol declaring they are using 256-bit AES, the encryption level is high and secure enough for general personal and commercial uses.

What fields does 256-bit AES encryption apply?

AES is currently one of the most popular algorithms used in data encryption. It is used in folder protection for Windows, Mac and mobile systems. It is also the gold standard encryption technique in SSL or TLS communication session. There are many other usages.

How many folder encryption programs are adopting 256-bit AES?

As far as I know, in file and folder encryption field, most of the top programs are using 256-bit AES. You The famous Windows folder encryption products such as Folder Lock software, KakaSoft Folder Protector, Advanced Folder Encryption are all using 256-bit AES. Some Mac, iOS, Android programs such as Photo Video Locker etc. are also using this technique.

Is 256 bit AES encryption more advanced than others?

256-bit AES is one of the strongest encryption methods so far. Also good are 128-bit and 192-bit versions of AES. AES has 10 rounds for 128-bit keys, 12 rounds for 192-bit keys, and 14 rounds for 256-bit keys. By 2006, the best known attacks were on 7 rounds for 128-bit keys, 8 rounds for 192-bit keys, and 9 rounds for 256-bit keys.