Automobile is Unsafe: the U.S. Hackers Will Publish Intrusion Method This Week

Two U.S. security researchers will announce the methods of network intrusion of the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape at Def Con hacker conference announced this week, hoping to attract more researchers to participate in the relevant projects.


Car hacking is not a new field, but the information has been kept secret to the outside. However, this situation may change, as Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, these two well-known hacker said that they will release a detailed roadmap to facilitate outside to learn how to intrude Toyota Prius and Ford Escape critical systems through 100 pages of white paper.


Miller and Valasek are “white hat” hackers; their main purpose is to disclose the vulnerabilities before criminals make use of them. They will also release the software which can be used in this week’s Las Vegas Def Con hacker conference released for invasion of these two models of the software.


They said it has developed a number of ways to force the Toyota Prius to brake when it is in the speed of 80 miles (about 128 km), plays the steering wheel or the engine suddenly accelerates.


As the intelligence director of the security consulting firm, IOActive, Valasek is known to the public because he found out many loopholes of the Windows operating system. He referred to the two holes and said: “Think about it: If you are approaching to the crowd, what will happen.”


But the reality may be not so horrible as it sounds.


To exploit these vulnerabilities, these two researchers will be sitting in the car to directly connect to the network of car with a laptop computer. Therefore, the information they published won’t be used in remotely network intrusion, and this is major attacking method in the real world.


They hope their data to be released to encourage other white hat hackers continue to look for more car security vulnerabilities, and then fix them.


From the report above, we can realize how unsecure the electronic control is. Even though the electronic control can enhance the traffic safety and efficiency, it also brings about more challenges. Hackers will break in any computer as long as they master relevant skills. For almost all individuals and groups, one of the most important things is data and information, which can be considered as great fortune to people. So, try to password protect folder contained important and confidential data and information with encryption solution, and then you can add one more protection for your fortune. When you lock folder/file in your computer, you can be at ease even though hackers or malware intrude your computer.