Apple: Developer Center Downtime Results From Hacker Attacks

In July 22, Apple has just released a statement, explaining the Developer Center downtime events since last Thursday. The company said that its security system is compromised, the intruder may have stolen some of the developer’s name, mailing address and e-mail addresses and other personal information, but the user information is not stolen.


Apple is hoping to notice developers who may be affected. In addition, due to the intrusion event, Apple also decided to completely revised developer system, including updating the server software, and rebuilding the database and so on. This could also explain why the downtime lasted four days.


Apple expects the developer website will soon recover. The company’s statement reads as follows:


“Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed; however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took the site down immediately on Thursday and have been working around clock since then.


In order to prevent a security threat like this from happening again, we’re completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software, and rebuilding our entire database. We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect to have the developer website up again soon.”


Apple’s subsequent verify to the IT website Macworld that the incident did not result in any disclosure of user information. The company spokesman said that all user information is securely encrypted; the intruder couldn’t come into contact with the application code or message server storage applications. But the company declined to reveal whether the government agencies are investigating this issue.


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