Analyze American New Thinking of Information Network Security Through the “Prism”

“Information is power, but, like all other kinds of power, someone wish to take this power for their own.” This is the warning from famous American hacker Aron Swartz who left it home before committing suicide warning five months ago.


Internet originated in the United States, the current terminal server still lies in its hands. But the United States has always liked to play as the victim of cyber world, Snowden, such a nobody, exposed scandals, “prism” monitoring event really showed the “American” hypocrisy. From the Bush era, the U.S. intelligence agencies have processed to data mining work in nine U.S. Internet companies, including the audio, video, pictures, e-mail, documents, and personal connection information contact analysis and action. There are ten types of monitor categories: information and e-mail, instant messaging, video, photos, store data, voice chat, file transfer, video conferencing, login time, the details of social network data, including two secret surveillance program, the one is monitoring, monitoring public telephone call records, the other is to monitor public network activity. Former CIA officers, Edward Snowden revealed government crimes of violation of user privacy, causing panic in the world, and even U.S. allies have been accused of this.


Internet popularity provides information dissemination with the cheapest and most effective means, which also offer a unique tool to spread American values, affect the political situation in some countries. For all this, in the past few years, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been working hard to promote their political idea of “Internet freedom”, hoping to promote a set of values and political ideas that U.S. government insisted on to the Middle East and some countries that are not friendly to it with the help of cyberspace which is completely under the control of the U.S..


The U.S. government and the military issued a series of documents and assessment report about information network security in recent decade. In these policy documents, there has been a lot of discussion about network security strategy and tactics which puts forward some new concepts, develops new idea about information network security. There is one tip in these new ideas- cyberspace blurs the boundary between militarization and civilian applications, and cyber warfare becomes an important direction of future military transformation.


From this, we can say these tactics is a two-sided sword which will invade personal privacy and threaten the legitimacy of “Internet freedom”. As the general citizen, we should know that our data and information in our own computer is not that safe at all, we should consider applying more secure method to protect the information in our computer. Encrypting the folder contained confidential data will decrease the threat from attacks of hackers or malware. You should protect your data with folder locker, so the encrypted folder will not be accessed by unauthorized users.