Upgrade Folder Protector to 6.x from 5.x

A new version of Folder Protector 6.0 is released which improved its encryption technique and fixed some minor bugs and issues for better user experience and data security.
Folder Protector 6.0 is released on 22-11-2012! It is a major version.



If you had purchased 5.x, you can get a discount(Up to 50%) to updrade to 6.x version.

Click here to upgrade


Upgrade is free for registered users that purchased Folder Protector within 3 months(After Aug. 22 2012). We have sent new registration keys to registered users that meet the requriement. If you haven't got the registration key please contact us.


If you have any question about this, please contact us


What's new?

1. Use new attractive user interface.
2. Added built-in newsletter subscribe.
3. Allows to use registration key as login password in case you forget it.
4. No need to restart the program when switch language.
5. Check for updates automatically
6. Compatibility with Windows XP/2003/WIN7/WIN8 x64