The U.S. Launched Network Attacks to Several Countries in 2011

Top-secret documents “Washington Post” recently received shows that in 2011, U.S. intelligence agencies had implemented 231 network attacks to other countries which include Iran, Russia, China and North Korea and other countries.

This news is from funding budget documents provided by the former employee Edward Snowden of the U.S. National Security Agency (hereinafter referred to as “NSA”), which is also the evidence that the Obama government infiltrate and sabotage the foreign computer networks through cyber attacks.


Furthermore, according to another code-named “GENIE” secret plan, the U.S. computer experts also invade foreign computer network, placing it under the secret control of the U.S. Documents show that the project of $ 652 million budget inserts a large number of malware into tens of thousands of computer equipment every year, and plans to expand to several million units.

According to budget documents provided by Snowden, and the news disclosed by the former U.S. officials in an interview, the scope and scale of the computer intrusion implemented by the Obama administration are far more than outsiders imagine. Obama administration takes all network attacks as confidential action, and never publicly acknowledged.

The scope and scale of network attacks show that the United States has undergone tremendous changes, in the past the U.S. government sought to maintain international standards and against the intrusion actions via cyberspace, because at that time the U.S. economic and military force are very dependent on computer networks.


U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III Lynn said: “The guidance of policy debate has produced a change, attacking options now increasingly prevail, I think, more and more cases show that cyber attacks have been an important part for the United States to curb some of the enemy’s action.”


The budget documents disclosed by Snowden show that the U.S. government among the 231 network attacks implemented be the U.S. government since 2011, nearly three-quarters of which aimed at the highest priority targets, according to the former U.S. government officials, these targets includ Iran, Russia, China and North Korea, etc.. But budget documents provided little detailed information about these operations.

In 2009 and 2010, the United States and Israel allegedly jointly developed Stuxnet worm, which has destroyed Iran’s uranium enrichment facility’s computer system in the network attack. This event is often considered as a vivid case that the United States uses weapons to attack enemy networks.

According to presidential directive the U.S. government announced in October 2012, U.S. intelligence agencies define network attacks as “an activity of manipulate, destruct, destroy the information stored in your computer or computer network.” Therefore, folder encryption and file protection solution to network attacks now are widely used for data security. Most networks attacks will produce a direct impact on enemy computer system’s data or normal use of computer, such as network connection speed down and so on.