The Little-Known Serious Facet of Google

According to foreign media reports, people always have the impression that Google is a relaxed, laid-back, highly creative technology company. But when you get a really in-depth understanding, you will find the serious facet of Google – in order to protect user information, it has its own rigorous, thorough security policy.


All along, Google likes to portray itself as a highly innovative and flexible technology company with relaxed atmosphere. No matter the circular bike used for group meetings, or the easing policy that allows taking pets to work, and even the ubiquitous bright sofa cushions, which all make this company more interesting and charming.


However, the chief information officer of Google, Ben Fried, shows totally different feeling to people.


Google has been visited by network hackers regularly – from mid 2009 to the end of last year, this company suffered spate of attacks of Operation Aurora and individual hackers, hacker team.


Clearly, Google is not the only one targeted by hackers, however, in January 2010, Google responded and promised to improve the company’s safety and to better protect users’ data. Fried explains, “Security issues are the things IT departments need to spend most time thinking about.”


Now the problem lies in that the traditional security methods big companies like Google used before have been quickly eliminated. In the past, employees were given full trust in the company’s internal network. “We authorize Google employees just because there are their IP addresses in the internal network.”


At the same time, we believe that the Internet is an open network, where we cannot give any trust. Two networks are regarded as two completely separate entities, like a hard shell and a soft inside.


People think the Internet is too broad and difficult to control; while for the relatively small private corporate networks, it is manageable, because it has clear boundary, investigating misconduct is easier.


The problem is that now Google employees can’t work without the Internet, regardless of whether they use the company’s internal network, they will access to the World Wide Web. The only way to ensure Google data security is to limit the operations in the trusted network. But Fried admitted that the result of this is alienating our employees.


Although some people think, increasingly powerful firewall to protect Google corporate network, Friedrich has pointed out that this is only a very minor part of the puzzle.


Google are in a dilemma. In order to make services more intelligent, more effective, they need more user data. While more responsibilities will go along with more data. This means that the possibility that Google became target of cyber attacks also increase accordingly.


As for the data security, we have talked too much and there is always corresponding solution but not perfect solution to this problem. For us, we can password protect files to avoid data breaches and the anti-virus program is always the indispensable tool for PC users. Although we cannot eliminate data breaches thoroughly, we can still apply relative secured protection for our data.