the Guardian, Cooperate with the New York Times Reports “Prism”

The British “Guardian” announced on Friday that it has agreed to let the “New York Times” see partial disclosure of confidential files that Edward Snowden disclosed in “prism” issue.


Before two sides reached a cooperation, the British government has threatened that unless the “Guardian” abandon or destroy the relevant documents about country’s Government Communications Department (hereinafter referred to as “GCHQ”), or it would commence legal action.


Informed sources said that the cooperate agreement has been reached as early as a few weeks ago, editor Jill Abramson of “New York Times” have been involved in negotiations.


According to the U.S. news website Buzzfeed reports, Scott Shane who is responsible for national security and intelligence news report, “New York Times” is now writing a series of reports which are expected to be released next month.


“The Guardian” said, the cooperation with “New York Times” makes it possible to continue to expose massive surveillance program of GCHQ besides its government duties in Snowden documents. ”


Allegedly, Snowden has gained temporary asylum from Russia and he has been informed of this cooperation agreement.


“The Guardian” editor, Alan Rusbridger disclosed earlier this week, under the supervision of GCHQ agents, “The Guardian” employees destroyed the computer devices contained Snowden’s documents earlier this month. Before that, the British government officials also threatened that they are likely to take legal action to “The Guardian”.


Luz Bridge said he had warned the British government officials, although those original materials have been destroyed but a copy was sent to the outside of British government jurisdictions.


British officials said they detained David Miranda briefly and had a questioning in London Heathrow Airport; and there will be a criminal investigate on this week. Miranda is the native British partner of Glenn Greenwald who is a reporter of “Guardian” in Brazil, Greenwald is the person who is in charge of the file disclosed by Snowden, what’s more, he also could directly contact Snowden.


British government officials said the disclosed information from Snowden has seriously undermined the UK’s national security, if there is more confidential disclosure, which can lead to a lot of people’s lives at risk.


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