Feb 27

Google Project Glass and Advertisement Industry

Recently Google displayed some of the unreleased features and functionalities of Google Glass, which is of course excites technology enthusiasts and Glassholes all around the world. As long as the concept of Google glass was put into the market, there are thousands of guesses and predictions about this product. Things in the technology world keep changing from time to time, the popularity of smart phones, tablets and also people’s choice for the mobile devices. When Google announced that they are absorbed in testing to find a way that a piece of jewelry may replace the role of password, so that people password protect folders now may find a new way out to ensure data security in the future.

When it comes to the relationship between Google glass and the advertisement field, although Google have made sure that they will nor add any advertisement on this smart glass, the advertisers still hope to gain some development for the industry with this new technology product which may changing the models of traditional advertisement.

Google released the video to the pre-order of Google glass at the price of $1,500. Only a limited set of developers and pundits have been able to try them out up to this point.  You can imagine that one day you are on the street and when you feel hungry, you can search for the nearby restaurant instantly with your glass and then pick out the one where your friend was happen to dining there. While texting to your friend you are able to search for the discount you may get in the restaurant. What a perfect scene which may only appear in the fiction movie, now with Google glass this may be not too far away.  

In fact the future for advertising on Google glass is promising and full of possibilities. Having an unexpected meal with your friend has been realized by Facebook which offers some function may reach the same function in this kind. Some personalized ads may find their way to take off if they cooperate with Google glass. With the help of this glass people may live a life which may only exist in the game world or fiction movie, though this technology is only in the beginning steps, people are confident about the realization of it.

Before the year 1992, people are hard to imagine the possibility of putting ads on the website, but now it is universal and everywhere. Data are stored ad transferred via USB drive and computer, more and more people lock pen drive to protect their information, and all of them are remote guesses in the old days and now are realities.

Google hasn’t told customers when the complete product will come into the market and the exact price. This pioneering production is definitely a key to the door of new technology and people may enjoy the miracles it brings in the near future.

Feb 25

Google Chromebook Pixel: Amazing Product With HD Touch Screen

Ever since the release of Google Chromebook Pixel, it has become a focus for people from all walks of life. As a stunning computer, Chromebook Pixel has solid and powerful hardware and comparing to MacBook it is also neat in appearance and strong in performance. As the major competitor for Apple MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel was expected by lots of people before it’s released although Chromebook have been a simplicity-focused react to Windows computers. There is a tendency that Chromebooks should have dead because they are netbooks with lower cost.

The fact is that this type of PC has less starting times and more secure protection for files and data in the hard drive especially for people wants to lock files and important information. The Pixel is capable to impact MacBook with its two strong points that the latter do not have: HD touch screen (2560*1700 pixels) and application of 4G technology. While, Pixel has the attractions in function may not win back customers’ hart on the condition of the starting selling price of $1,299 which is apparently not so competitive.

The high-resolution display is an interesting element of the Pixel, while currently majority of the web was not made for it. And touch screen is also not a necessity for most PC users, but it can help to lead the whole world of computer into a new world where touch screen and HD display are the mainstreams. The progress for all technologies is hard to predict but people can experience it through constant trying, just like people find the way to lock USB drive disk and other files on computer to ensure data security, which is hard to image at the beginning of invention of USB flash drive.

Google Chromebook Pixel features a 12.85-inch display (2560*1700 pixels) with 239 pixels per inch which is the highest among all laptops in the market, according to Google. An Intelsat Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB solid state drive and 1 TB free cloud storage for 3 years which is rather attracting. But you will find that this machine which has all advantages of laptops is just a Web browser which is named Google OS.

Maybe this is just an exploration for its expansion of Google’s kingdom and a try for the future retail and marketing. The evolution of the technology world is also full of such explorations, and it is hard to tell too soon about the recent development of a single product.