Nov 30

A Digest of Google Project Glass

People first get to know the Project Glass introduced by Google in February of this year in The New York Times. As a new type of product that catches people’s eye this Glass is more like a device you wear on your face other than a real pair of glass for it do not have the real lens on it. Then in May, at Google’s I/O conference this Project Glass is displayed with a live video feed on Youtube which showed a sky diver jump from a plane and parachute onto the roof of the conference building.

The rapid development of Facebook gives Google+ a lot of pressure so that Google is trying its best to get the attention from the public. This Google Glass invented by Google X Lab has a revolutionary meaning with the emerge of the features of video call, GPS, Internet surfing, data processing and e-mail sending, which allows you experience the fun of voice control. This is like a smart phone but not really a smart phone with so much new features of a new product.

Now, Google emphasized that Google Glass is still at a very, very early stage which I thinke so too. Many of the expected factors still haven’t been realized, including what filed that the Glass will be applied to, how the operation interface will look like, and so on. Of course, Google doesn’t want to get the public excited about some features that may not be shown in the eventual version of it. (From the conference, we got that Google is planning to offer the prototypes next year for the price of $1,500 or so, planning to sell Google Glass to the public in, some, the year 2014.)

As a revolutionary digital product with smart features, Google Glass is definitely equipped with memory card which is said to be 8G. When referring to issues concern with storage card, data security problems weighs a lot. Choosing a data security program to lock usb disk or memory card with good security strength will do a great help in protecting your sensitive data.

With different evaluation on Google Glass as far as we can seen on the news paper or on the Internet we can conclude that it’s much too soon to assert Google Glass’s success or failure in the future. Nevertheless, we can get the point that it has great potential to take place someday, and that Google is directing its development in exactly the right way in the future we may witness the scene from a fiction movie- high-tech devices make our life more convenient and full of fun.