Apr 15

A Wearable Electronic Device: Smart Watch

 Microsoft is developing a type of smart watch with touch function, the Wall Street Journal said on April 15,2013, citing a person of supply chain. As the person familiar with the matter said, Microsoft has required Asian supplier to offer components for this type of smart watch. If it is true, Microsoft will step into the market of wearable electronic devices following Apple, Samsung and Google.

Smart watch is originated from watch phone, which is not only a watch but also a phone. Inside the smart watch is not quartz movement or mechanical movement but circuit board and microprocessor. Even though it’s impossible for the tiny stuff to include all the increasingly-developed functions of cell phone, many manufacturers endeavor to transfer the watch into phone accessories. Just like iPod nano 6 released by Apple, since its tiny size, the third-part accessories manufacturers creates watchbands for it to make it become iWatch. Of course, the real smart watch may not like iWatch which is independent from phone, it should be an accessory that embodies convenience to a phone. Just as the trend developed, several type of smart watch has appeared in the market. For example, I’m Watch, a type of touch smart watch which is based on the Droid 2 operating system of Android1.6, is compatible with multi-point touch, music player and cloud computing, it can realize the call function via Bluetooth.

As a wearable electronic device, smart watch will contain more applications so that we can use it to surf the Internet, store and share. Definitely we should notice folder protection on network to ensure data security of our materials when we enjoy the happiness brought by smart watch. We can hope that the smart watch will become the more convenient and portable electronic device which is widely used in the society in the near future. And, the smart watch, as a personal device, will also contain much valuable and private information like the removable storage device. It’s necessary to encrypt sd card to protect the materials from leakage and being stolen.

Feb 19

Network Vulnerability: Thousands of Devices is Faced with Danger of Hacker Attack

Routers are one of the most widely used devices for people with the need of sharing their network and gain more convenience in using the network. Nowadays, routers and other network devices are the roots of attacks from hackers and other cyber criminals because of their adoption of Plug and play technology. As the occurrence of hacker attack and illegal use of the network people now value their privacy and folder encryption than they ever had.

According to a recent report from international media that network security software company Rapid7 is going to release a white paper which contains the content that most of the network technologies used in the market now leave networks vulnerable and then result in hacker attacks on thousands of personal computers, printers and storage devices in normal network environment. These attacks usually cause serious consequence for people’s private life and working staff. Comparing to USB security issues which are easy to control attacks from network devices are random and unpredictable so network vulnerabilities need more attention.

Computer routers and other network devices is the root for exposing users’ equipments to the danger of attacks from hackers and cyber criminals owing to the using of Universal Plug and Play, UPnP technology which enables the network to recognize and communicate external equipments faster, which save the time for network debugging greatly.

In this white paper, Rapid7 pointed out that their researchers have figured out 3 independent vulnerabilities from UPnP technology standard and these vulnerabilities result in 40 million to 50 million devices which include some well known brands such as Belkin, D-Link and Linksys etc. all around the world are vulnerable to attack.

If you want to make sure your sensitive files and folders in your computer or a USB drive disk free from the annoy of being breached or copied without any permission you can use a special data protection or USB copy protection software to safeguard your confidential information. But how about data protection threats result from vulnerabilities in network devices? According to the study of Rapid7, hackers may take advantages of the existing security vulnerability and get your highly classified documents, steal password, gain the total control of your PC or obtain remote control of the web cameras, printers and security systems.

Rapid7 recommended that if a company or consumer suspects his or her devices are at the danger of vicious attack then close the UPnP function in time and Rapid has released a tool on their web to help their customer to scan for potential security vulnerabilities in their routers and related devices and products.