Mar 07

Microsoft: who is peeping on users’ privacy in e-mails?

According to the report of some international media, that “Scroogled” campaign, which is advocated by Microsoft has moved on from sniping at Google Shopping to charge Gmail with invading its users’ privacy for it peeps e-mail for keywords that can be used for advertising purpose. It is said that Microsoft is planning to cease this campaign, but Microsoft said to Businessinsider that they will proceed on this campaign as long as Google peeps on users’ privacy.

Data protection and privacy security has long been a focused topic for people all around the world, if you think you lock file and folder on your computer with data security program is enough to safeguard your personal information, you are totally wrong. Files and documents in computer may have some of your information, however, how about the online world? People send and receive e-mails on the Internet from time to time, and they shop online and pay bills online too. Therefore these activities pose yourself to the danger and threat which may result in data leakage of your privacy and other information.

When Microsoft found that Google scan users’ Gmail and send them targeted advertise, they encourage users to abandon their Gmail accounts and take up accounts in which belongs to Microsoft in the first round of Scroogled campaign.  And then in the second Scroogled campaign which is advocated in the November of 2012, Microsoft built and criticized Google adwords.

Privacy protection contains many contents such as USB copy protection and many other aspects, and people care about these topics very much. It is said that Microsoft will end their activity which aims at Google by changing the way used. They will give up using advertise to impact, while about the new measures and policies which they still keep in secret. But one thing can be sure is that no matter what measure Microsoft take to object Google, there is too soon to declare the end of it.

Actually, Microsoft also scans users’ emails in their Outlook mail service, but they said that they doing this just for the sake of preventing the invasion of spam and malware. It is hard to tell who people should believe and blame about the two giants. People need to pay attention for their privacy and protect personal information, or one day they may fall into endless trouble.


Feb 27

Google Project Glass and Advertisement Industry

Recently Google displayed some of the unreleased features and functionalities of Google Glass, which is of course excites technology enthusiasts and Glassholes all around the world. As long as the concept of Google glass was put into the market, there are thousands of guesses and predictions about this product. Things in the technology world keep changing from time to time, the popularity of smart phones, tablets and also people’s choice for the mobile devices. When Google announced that they are absorbed in testing to find a way that a piece of jewelry may replace the role of password, so that people password protect folders now may find a new way out to ensure data security in the future.

When it comes to the relationship between Google glass and the advertisement field, although Google have made sure that they will nor add any advertisement on this smart glass, the advertisers still hope to gain some development for the industry with this new technology product which may changing the models of traditional advertisement.

Google released the video to the pre-order of Google glass at the price of $1,500. Only a limited set of developers and pundits have been able to try them out up to this point.  You can imagine that one day you are on the street and when you feel hungry, you can search for the nearby restaurant instantly with your glass and then pick out the one where your friend was happen to dining there. While texting to your friend you are able to search for the discount you may get in the restaurant. What a perfect scene which may only appear in the fiction movie, now with Google glass this may be not too far away.  

In fact the future for advertising on Google glass is promising and full of possibilities. Having an unexpected meal with your friend has been realized by Facebook which offers some function may reach the same function in this kind. Some personalized ads may find their way to take off if they cooperate with Google glass. With the help of this glass people may live a life which may only exist in the game world or fiction movie, though this technology is only in the beginning steps, people are confident about the realization of it.

Before the year 1992, people are hard to imagine the possibility of putting ads on the website, but now it is universal and everywhere. Data are stored ad transferred via USB drive and computer, more and more people lock pen drive to protect their information, and all of them are remote guesses in the old days and now are realities.

Google hasn’t told customers when the complete product will come into the market and the exact price. This pioneering production is definitely a key to the door of new technology and people may enjoy the miracles it brings in the near future.

Feb 19

Network Vulnerability: Thousands of Devices is Faced with Danger of Hacker Attack

Routers are one of the most widely used devices for people with the need of sharing their network and gain more convenience in using the network. Nowadays, routers and other network devices are the roots of attacks from hackers and other cyber criminals because of their adoption of Plug and play technology. As the occurrence of hacker attack and illegal use of the network people now value their privacy and folder encryption than they ever had.

According to a recent report from international media that network security software company Rapid7 is going to release a white paper which contains the content that most of the network technologies used in the market now leave networks vulnerable and then result in hacker attacks on thousands of personal computers, printers and storage devices in normal network environment. These attacks usually cause serious consequence for people’s private life and working staff. Comparing to USB security issues which are easy to control attacks from network devices are random and unpredictable so network vulnerabilities need more attention.

Computer routers and other network devices is the root for exposing users’ equipments to the danger of attacks from hackers and cyber criminals owing to the using of Universal Plug and Play, UPnP technology which enables the network to recognize and communicate external equipments faster, which save the time for network debugging greatly.

In this white paper, Rapid7 pointed out that their researchers have figured out 3 independent vulnerabilities from UPnP technology standard and these vulnerabilities result in 40 million to 50 million devices which include some well known brands such as Belkin, D-Link and Linksys etc. all around the world are vulnerable to attack.

If you want to make sure your sensitive files and folders in your computer or a USB drive disk free from the annoy of being breached or copied without any permission you can use a special data protection or USB copy protection software to safeguard your confidential information. But how about data protection threats result from vulnerabilities in network devices? According to the study of Rapid7, hackers may take advantages of the existing security vulnerability and get your highly classified documents, steal password, gain the total control of your PC or obtain remote control of the web cameras, printers and security systems.

Rapid7 recommended that if a company or consumer suspects his or her devices are at the danger of vicious attack then close the UPnP function in time and Rapid has released a tool on their web to help their customer to scan for potential security vulnerabilities in their routers and related devices and products.   



Dec 21

Should Google Encrypt Users’ E-mail for Information Security?

It has long been a dispute issue that users are crying for protecting private information contained in the e-mail, while the Google seemed reluctant to do so for some reason. E-mail is an important way of data transmission and communication for the fast-paced modern world, and with the development of e-commerce people from different field incline to send vital e-version of contract and other document via e-mails. Now people gradually realize the importance of data security in their e-mails and require Google ensure security of their private data in e-mail by encrypting them.

Comparing to the increasing need for USB encryption and folder encryption, e-mail encryption should arouse people attention and attach equal importance to some extent. Some people think that if Google value users’ using experience and respect their privacy, it is responsible to encrypt users’ e-mail.

As all we know, Google’s Gmail service which is one of the most widely used e-mail services is adopted by people who have the need to change information and news among working groups and family members and relatives. What’s more, Gmail has a entering interface where you can login easily and the Gmail account is also the passport which provide universal identity verification to other Google services and relevant account. So that if Google do not encrypt users’ e-mail there is a great possibility of data breach and data losing.

Another reason that Google are reluctant to get your e-mail locked is if they encrypt the e-mail they will lose large amount of income from advertisement send you by Google with the contextual content from the e-mail. On the other side if you are an enterprise user you may have some of the real classified data in e-mail, if Google do not encrypt them you are facing the possibility of losing the data and information.

Actually, Google should exert more efforts in protection privacy and confidential data in e-mail. Similar to folder encryption for protecting files and folders on Yoruba computer data in e-mail needs protection. Encryption can be a particularly attracting feature for Google’s paying enterprise users with information that is not only a matter of privacy but also of great value. More or less, it’s necessary to see whether offering strong encryption might now be a beneficial action to the company’s bottom line.

Google can use this to take a real stand against efforts by law enforcement to build wiretapping into e-mail. Those efforts have been going on for a long time, and Google has fought against them in the past and now continuously. The call of encrypting e-mail for the users seems to be attached more and more importance in protecting their privacy and sensitive data. Comparing to lock file with program by user themselves Google has the responsibility to secure users’ data and content.


Dec 14

Say No to Data Leakage from Internet Explorer

According to a survey recently conducted by a data collection company we find that among the major explorers Internet Explorer got a basically satisfied evaluation results. With the rising of some other explorers with good functionality and excellent user experience Internet Explorer seems be not competitive as they used to be. While it has been used for so many years and accumulate a large amount of users, so we still hope to hear some good news from it.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, hopefully you’ve already applied the updates from Patch Tuesday earlier this week. But, even if you did it seems your browser might still be vulnerable to a potentially serious issue which means you are still facing the threat of losing private information when you browse the Internet, and you need to prevent data leakage caused by this reason which is quite different from folder encryption and USB security issues.

Some data security companies that is specialized in helping users tell actual Internet user from automatic bot activity, announced that they’ve discovered a flaw that influence Internet Explorer the recent good browser from Microsoft, from 6 to 10. The flaw is that the mouse pointer can track everything on the screen, even on the condition that the window in minimized to the tray.

This definitely will cause data leakage when people are using the IE to explorer the Internet, so that you need to be carefully when you are using IE. There is no effective measure to solve this problem yet. And what you can do is to do something from your own side. Do not leave your personal information on the net that may be easily reached by the cyber criminals. What’s more, your online shopping records and bank account details admissible also be protected from the illegal use.

There is no complete ways to ensure a 100% data security when you are using the Internet, what you can do is be cautious as much as you can and pay attention your data security from time to time.

On the other hand, of you are a person who has the need to transfer data through USB devices or storing sensitive data on your computer you have to be careful and guard data security of them. To ensure USB files security you can use USB locker software to protect data and statistics in USB devices, therefore, when using a USB drive to transfer data on Internet you can feel at ease.

When it comes to protecting files and folders on the computer, you can refer to folder lock applications which using password to lock files and folders and prevent any data leakage from your computer.

Dec 04

Windows XP and Windows 8 take less Than 40% and 1% of Web usage respectively

It is reported that according to the recently released report which is about the statistics of November of Net Applications, Windows 7 rank the first place as 44.71% of the market share, the second is Windows XP with 39.82% which decreases 0.84%, and OS X increases 0.14% to 7.3% take the third place. While the newly released Windows 8 system only takes 1.09% of the total volume with a rising of 0.68% which is totally in accordance with expectation and brings no surprise to us.

Although the market share which Windows 8 takes does not startle most readers, among those users less than half of then choose to use the default Explorer of IE 10, and most of them use Chrome, Firefox and other Explorers.  

As long as people concern with the usage of operation systems they use on their computer, there is another issue relate to the protection of computer that worries people from different areas: file and folder encryption on PC. No matter what kind of operation system you use you are facing the same problem which is to safeguard your confidential data and stop illegal use of them.

Windows XP is one of the most popular products released in 2001 by Microsoft and it makes great contribution to the success of Microsoft. In Windows XP, “XP” refers to experience and it contains version of Home Edition, Professional, 64-Bit Edition and so on. As though Windows 7 is also weigh a lot on the PC user, it does have a historical meaning as Windows XP. What’s more, Windows 8 is a revolutionary attempt of operation system, but it is too soon to predict its taking off.

On the field of data protection all Windows systems do well in hiding folders and files on the drive disk, however for people with higher standard it is not enough. Individuals can find ways to lock file or folder with a third-party program so that you will never worry about your confidential files on Windows system being breached or stolen by bad guys.

Nov 30

A Digest of Google Project Glass

People first get to know the Project Glass introduced by Google in February of this year in The New York Times. As a new type of product that catches people’s eye this Glass is more like a device you wear on your face other than a real pair of glass for it do not have the real lens on it. Then in May, at Google’s I/O conference this Project Glass is displayed with a live video feed on Youtube which showed a sky diver jump from a plane and parachute onto the roof of the conference building.

The rapid development of Facebook gives Google+ a lot of pressure so that Google is trying its best to get the attention from the public. This Google Glass invented by Google X Lab has a revolutionary meaning with the emerge of the features of video call, GPS, Internet surfing, data processing and e-mail sending, which allows you experience the fun of voice control. This is like a smart phone but not really a smart phone with so much new features of a new product.

Now, Google emphasized that Google Glass is still at a very, very early stage which I thinke so too. Many of the expected factors still haven’t been realized, including what filed that the Glass will be applied to, how the operation interface will look like, and so on. Of course, Google doesn’t want to get the public excited about some features that may not be shown in the eventual version of it. (From the conference, we got that Google is planning to offer the prototypes next year for the price of $1,500 or so, planning to sell Google Glass to the public in, some, the year 2014.)

As a revolutionary digital product with smart features, Google Glass is definitely equipped with memory card which is said to be 8G. When referring to issues concern with storage card, data security problems weighs a lot. Choosing a data security program to lock usb disk or memory card with good security strength will do a great help in protecting your sensitive data.

With different evaluation on Google Glass as far as we can seen on the news paper or on the Internet we can conclude that it’s much too soon to assert Google Glass’s success or failure in the future. Nevertheless, we can get the point that it has great potential to take place someday, and that Google is directing its development in exactly the right way in the future we may witness the scene from a fiction movie- high-tech devices make our life more convenient and full of fun.

Jun 19

Advanced Folder Encryption 6.33 is released!

Advanced Folder Encryption 6.33 is released!

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Jun 19

How to encrypt folders in Windows 7?

For Windows XP home and profession users, to learn how to password protect folders or encrypt folders, you may refer to Why is File Security necessary? from our official site. This post will show you the steps of password protecting or encrypting folders and files for Windows 7 users.

Follow the steps below to encrypt folders in Windows 7

  • Right-click the folder or file you want to encrypt or password protect, and then click Properties.
  • Click the General tab, and then click the “Advanced”.
  • Select the “Encrypt contents to secure data” check box.
  • Click “Apply”, and then click “OK”.

Kindly Remind

The first time you password protect or encrypt a folder or file, the system will automatically create an encryption certificate. If the certificates and keys have been lost or damaged and no backup, you can not use the file has been encrypted.

Other Solutions of encrypting folders in Windows 7

You also may purchase a third-party password protection or folder encryption program to help you. Usually this way will encrypt your folders and files in higher and stronger way. Here we recommend a commercial folder encryption program produced by KakaSoft, an experienced provider of file security solutions for longer than 6 years. Users may download its products from to have a try. This way applies to Windows 7 and all earlier or newer Windows versions.

We strongly suggest: protect your passwords and backup your folders before and after encryption.