Jun 19

How to encrypt folders in Windows 7?

For Windows XP home and profession users, to learn how to password protect folders or encrypt folders, you may refer to Why is File Security necessary? from our official site. This post will show you the steps of password protecting or encrypting folders and files for Windows 7 users.

Follow the steps below to encrypt folders in Windows 7

  • Right-click the folder or file you want to encrypt or password protect, and then click Properties.
  • Click the General tab, and then click the “Advanced”.
  • Select the “Encrypt contents to secure data” check box.
  • Click “Apply”, and then click “OK”.

Kindly Remind

The first time you password protect or encrypt a folder or file, the system will automatically create an encryption certificate. If the certificates and keys have been lost or damaged and no backup, you can not use the file has been encrypted.

Other Solutions of encrypting folders in Windows 7

You also may purchase a third-party password protection or folder encryption program to help you. Usually this way will encrypt your folders and files in higher and stronger way. Here we recommend a commercial folder encryption program produced by KakaSoft, an experienced provider of file security solutions for longer than 6 years. Users may download its products from http://www.kakasoft.com/products.html to have a try. This way applies to Windows 7 and all earlier or newer Windows versions.

We strongly suggest: protect your passwords and backup your folders before and after encryption.