Lenovo Want to Be Flourished in Table PC Market

In the morning on May 20(Beijing time), Liu Jun, senior vice-president of Lenovo group, president of Lenovo business group, discloses the development strategy of business of Lenovo smart phone, tablet computer and smart TV. Liu Jun said, Lenovo will be flourished in the areas of the tablet computer, and have confidence to fulfill the goals of the 100 million Lenovo brand terminal shipments.

Liu Jun, said the market of tablet computer will be splendid instead of being dominated by any one product. He further revealed that Lenovo will not only launch products covering high, middle, low price level, but also launch a new type of tablet computer in the second half of this year.

In the Lenovo internal staff meeting held in April this year, Liu Jun, as the president of Lenovo business group, came up with a rather challenging performance target: 100 million shipments of the Lenovo brand terminal this year. This number is twice that of last year.

As for this performance target, Liu Jun admitted is very challenging, but it is very possible. He said there are about forty million sets of one hundred million devices are PCs, and as PC products have deformed evolutionally, Lenovo will further expand the market share.

Market research firm Canalys published the intelligent terminal market of the first quarter of 2013, with quarterly 15.3 million shipments; Lenovo is ranked third in the world, next to Samsung and Apple. Liu Jun didn’t want to comment on this number, but emphasized the company’s shipments in the first quarter conforms to the plans.

Just like the radio displaces the newspaper, the TV displaces the radio; the computer tends to gradually displace the TV. People around the world prone to use the computer for entertainment, working and life. So people in industry of PC producing are nowadays trying to optimize computer so that it will be more convenient for people and more useful for life. Therefore, PC will be not only a tool to communication, work, entertainment, etc., it will penetrate into the whole society and life of human beings. We will open ourselves to the world through PC, and let others in the world know more about not only you yourself but also the environment around you, your relatives and friends and every detail of you. When you enjoy the world PC bring about for you, you should be aware of the potential threats the open world bring back to you.

As most people will store their private and confidential information in their PC and always they lack the awareness of data security for they think PC is safe enough. In fact, data and information will easily be lost and stolen when they are stored in computer without any protection. In order to prevent data from hackers and malware, you should apply a type of file encryption software to encrypt your files/folders so that they will not be breached by unauthorized access even though someone else enter your PC. Locking files will be helpful for you to avoid financial and reputational loss caused by data leakage