Information Security Attacks are coming

In information age, two kinds of power of data and network have become a strong force to push the big wave of the times. We may say that information age is a symbol that little strength forms great strength.

But the biggest threat to the information age, data, and information security is an action that transforms small threat to big threat-DDOS. Confront the overwhelming DDOS attacks, comprehensive defense is apparently “time-consuming”, the effect is not ideal. What we can do is only focusing on breakthroughs.

What is DDOS?

DDoS is tributed Denial of Service means that utilize client/server technology to collect multiple computers as a attack platform to launch DoS attacks on one or more targets, thus exponentially increase the attack power of service denial. Typically, the attacker uses a stolen account to install DDoS master program on a computer, the master program will communicate with a large number of agents at a set time. Agents will launch attacks when receiving instruction. Using client / server technology, the master program can activate hundreds of times of agents operations.

Although nowadays, the bandwidth and the kernel are more and more powerful, it seems that resisting large flow of attacks is no longer a problem. But we must also know that for the hackers , the applicable network resources are more and more abundant, while the cost is getting lower and lower. If we say that the a conventional attack only aims at large site, or come from malicious competitions, now we can say that an attacker may randomly choose target, and  every site will be the attack object.

Currently, to resolve DDOS of DNS, such as flows attacks, the query type of attack, we can only rely on high anti -type DNS. Now defensive DNS don’t defense relying on checking attack source, but directly dependent on the strong machine room to accept this kind of attack traffic so as to ensure normal access to site.

Although DDoS seems to be overwhelming, as long as we understand its true purpose, we can take an effective defense or even counterattack. The targets of DDOS attacks are just the data and information that are increasingly improving their own value. So long as we can find a flexible defense method to prevent the origin of attacks, we can achieve the goal of defense and even counterattack. And now the security technology that can be capable of performing the daunting task is none other than non-multi -mode encryption technology.

Multi-mode encryption uses symmetric algorithms combining asymmetric algorithms technology, using a strong algorithm to ensure the protection quality of data origin, so as to greatly improve data’s resistance ability to attacks. And because of the flexibility of multi-mode encryption, users can choose encryption mode, this flexible feature is just the power of individual, enterprise or even nation to respond to DDOS.

Although the development of information technology and the Internet promotes the development of the times, the dark side of them also makes individuals, companies and even countries suffer from a variety of information security threats, DDOS is one of them. But as long as we can find a secure technology that have powerful defensive affects on origin of information and data.

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