Identity Fraud Poses a Growing Threat to People’s Work and Private Life

According to a recent report that people in US are experiencing a continuous rising number of identity fraud in the last three years, which indicates that about 5 percent adults in America are affected by identity fraud. Comparing to the figure in the last three years, researchers find that in 2012 the number of identity fraud has risen by about 0.9 percent and stays at the highest level.

People in the modern society are suffering from all kinds of dangers that may result in the leakage of their personal information and important data as the related crime on both the Internet and the real world is rampant. From digital data protection on portable USB drive disks to data security issue for real paper documents, people lock USB disks and keep their files in safe place, however, the effect is barely satisfactory.

When it comes to the losses of identity Fraud, the victims are not the one who suffered the most, and it was proved that the bank, businesses and merchants absorbed a considerable amount of identity fraud. When criminals get people’s identity information they may apply for new account of credit cards, which harm the identity owner’s credit record and cause loss for financial institution as well.

Data breach from any area is an annoying enough matter for anyone. Let’s just take data breach from computer for example, people may store some highly confidential files or pictures on the computer, and when they are flown into the wrong hand the consequence would be terrible. A very possible source of identity theft is from Social Security members, which is a vital factor for opening a new account.  

Financial damages come from identity fraud are obvious in the sector of aging system when financial organizations exchange details of deposits and other cash transfer made by enterprises and individuals.

Data protection is becoming more and more important as increasing number of data leakage and data breach cases walk out on the show, therefore, folder encryption on computer or copy protect USB with valuable files which are rather important. Once your identity details for into the wrong hand you may become the target of criminals. For social service institutions it is very necessary to build more security information management system to protect citizens’ identity information and prevent identity theft from happening. For individual people, when they need to pose their information on the Internet they need to think twice and be cautious.