How Much Do You Know About BYOD?

According to a new study of Cisco system inc., the so-called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy saves cost for enterprise, while, at the same time, it increases the burden of employees.

Cisco’s report indicated, for the company that have high requirement of BYOD, they can save $1300 per year on each users. For users, they will take more money out of their own pocket.

This survey launched in six countries for 2,415 users reveals that after adopting the policy of BYOD, the average spending of per person on equipment is $965, and the data package fee of $ 734 will be paid per year.

The survey displays, employees bring their own device is happier than before, and perform a significant progress in efficiency. In American, staffs BYOD will shorten their working time of 81minutes per week, more than 70 hours a year.

However, this policy is not applicable for all countries, BYOD will produce negative impacts, for example, it will increase the difficulty of management and distract employees so as to reduce the working efficiency.

As for specific products, 81% BYOD staffs said they use the intelligence gathering, 56% said they would carry their tablet, 37% staffs carried laptop.

The report shows, the number of BYOD staffs is expected to increase to 406 million by 2016. At that time, this kind of employees in China will reach to 166 million, 106 million in U.S.A, and 76 million in India. At present, American has the largest number of BYOD staffs in the world.

We should be alert, the expansion of this policy will put our laptop and tablet into totally open environment, that’s to say, the private data and information stored in the device may be visited by others. If you don’t want your private information accessed by unauthorized person, you’d better take security measures to protect them, for example, you can password protect the folders and files on your computer.


With the help of folder protector, the data and information in your computer will be under encryption, so you can protect your private and confidential data from invasion and being stolen as well as enjoy your working time with your own devices.