Google data center will fully encrypt data

Because of the data monitoring scandal of the U.S. National Security Agency (hereinafter referred to as “NSA”), Google has started a project that it will encrypt data transmitted between every data center.


“Washington Post” reported that Google has made this plan last year. But under the influence of “prism” incident of the NSA, Google is now ready to accelerate the implementation of the plan, in order to defend the company’s reputation for data protection. The vice president of Information Security Engineering of Google, Eric Grosse said: “This is an arms race, we see that the government sector is the most powerful race participants.”


On last Thursday, a report said that the U.S. government is seeking encryption keys to crack various forms of encryption solutions. Privacy protection and information security researcher, Ashkan Soltani said that government departments have a set of incredible keys, but they may be not applicable to this plan of Google.


Google’s plan does not have any influence on the legal requirements that this company need to meet. According to the Government’s request, Google still need to provide data for NSA or other departments. But Google has accelerated the deployment of this program, ensuring the program would begin in the coming months.


At present, the email transmitted from a Gmail account to another account email has been encrypted by “Transport Layer Security” encryption technology during the transmission. According to the plan, in the future the other data Google data center sends to others, such as the contents in Google Drive cloud storage service will be encrypted.


Google has not disclosed more information of the plan, such as how much it will cost Google, how many center centers it may refer to, and what encryption method it will use. Google said that this project will use end-to end encryption technology, which means that the data stored in the server and data in the transmission will be encrypted. It’s just like the folder protection on LAN which is used in our daily life, all the data will be conveyed to others via the Internet will be encrypted, which is a complete protection for the data. As the data leakage and data breach, we can’t pay too much attention to data security. As for us, individuals who are living in the real life and the network at the same time, we should take measures to password protect folder in the case of data being stolen.