Google are Developing New Security Authentication Products

According to foreign media reports, the world’s largest search engine Google ( microblogging ) is currently developing a new security authentication technology, the use of the technology may be able to make use of jewelry and other users Jewelry login account, instead of entering tedious password.


Google’s announcement about this experiment was appeared in a scholarly articles published in January. The goal of this development is to produce a small “USB key”, the user can use this key to entered all verified information into the computer. In addition, Google also mentioned that the embedded smart chip ring will be expectedly produced.


Last month, in RSA security conference hold in San Francisco, an engineer of Google who specializes in charge of security, Mayank Upadhyay, has a public speech for this technology. He said that the use of personal hardware to password login accounts can prevent from re-use or being copied. He also said that the people are familiar with this technology. “Everyone is very familiar with the ATM, why not use the computer in the same way?”


Upadhyay said that Google is developing a small USB key, when the key is inserted into the computer, the user can be authenticated through the network. The key is also built non-contact chip, which can be used on a mobile device.


Secret security token like that Google is developing does not contain a static password that can be replicated. Each encryption keys and devices are matched with each other; built-in data will never be transmitted to the outside world. When the key is connected, the key will make the right answer to the question the web site set up to ensure that the same information will not land again.


After the meeting, Upadhyay said that Google will also produce a ring which can replace cryptographic token, but he did not disclose the details of their work. “Some people may feel uncomfortable on the USB cryptographic token.”


From the development of Google, the personal security has become one of heated topic nowadays, for the science and technology have rapidly advanced, personal data and information are equal to fortune for all of us and the tricks of data theft have been more and more excellent. For people who are accustomed to storing personal data or information in PC or USB, the data security is the most important thing that will annoy them. I recommend Folder locker or USB locker to keep the data in the PC or USB more secure.