Companies and Governments Are Trying to Control the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee said in an interview that companies and government attempts to control the behaviors of the Internet which is against the original intention of creation of the Internet; and the public should be alert.

Berners – Lee said the Internet is facing a major threat, that a number of people who want to control it are penetrating the entire Internet based on the “Stop Online Piracy Act” as well as the Internet giant’s actions.

“If you can control the Internet, if you start to control people’s behavior, or to intercept communications information, you will be very powerful …… If this power is given to a corrupt government, they will be able to govern forever.” He said.

“Unauthorized monitoring act of government is a violation of fundamental human rights, which threatens the foundations of a democratic society.” Berners – Lee said, “I appeal to all netizens to ask for better legal protection and due process, in order to protect privacy of their network communications, including noticing them when their data are solicited or saved.”

He added: “Over the past 20 years, the network has become an integral part of our lives, tracking our use of it may be exposed to some very personal thing. Safekeeping of such information is a huge responsibility: Who do you think qualifications can use these data to determine when, or to protect these data security? “

Berners – Lee said the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak once cut off communication service when faced with opponents, which has given us a “wake-up call.” “A lot of people think that the network is like the air, in a free flowing, but after the incident, they will ask: ‘Who is capable of shutting off my internet?’” He said.

Berners – Lee called on the government to protect neutrality and independence of network and think this contribution to democracy can emulate the freedom of the press. He believes that organizations which run the network should has contact with the government, but they need to maintain a certain distance.

From the matter offered above, we should be aware of the importance of data security during surfing the Internet. We know that the information we presented on the Internet or even our own computer are not that safe, for they will be controlled by organizations, governments or even hackers who can get them. In order to prevent the invasion of unauthorized access to you private or confidential information, apart from stop offering detailed private information to the social networks, you should put all your important data into an encrypted folder so that they can be well protected and no one can access them without correct password. How to password protect folder? Hardware encryption or software encryption, each method has its own advantage and disadvantage, you can choose one as your need.