Nov 07

Protect Your USB Data Security in Windows 8

Microsoft recently released Surface tablet carries with Windows 8 system has aroused attention and analysis from different group of people. From the reaction of users we know that Windows 8 is another revolution in operation system after windows 7. With more and more smart phones, tablets and laptops adopting Windows 8 as the operation system in the future there will be more people rely on this new technology. And the issue concerned with USB security attracts people’s attention continuously.


Windows 8 introduces significant changes to the operating system’s platform, primarily focused towards improving its user experience on mobile devices such as tablets to rival other mobile operating systems (such as Android and iOS), taking advantage of new and emerging technologies (such as USB 3.0, UEFI firmware, near field communications, cloud computing, and low-power Intel and ARM chips), new security features (such as malware filtering, built-in antivirus software, and support for secure boot, a controversial UEFI feature which requires operating systems to be digitally signed to prevent malware from infecting the boot process), along with other changes and performance improvements.

While no matter how rapidly technologies developed in the field of operation systems the data security problem always cause headache for people using devices with these systems. Particularly USB data security occurs from time to time as the popularization of portable storage drives in tablets and laptops.

Locking a USB flash drive in windows 8 is easy and simple in fact as long as you can find a right way to encrypt the devices. Perhaps you may think purchasing an anti-copy USB disk will diminish all anxieties right now. Yes this is a good attempt for secure your data security in a USB flash disk. But how about other types of memory cards and disks, they are quite commonly used in the smart devices and if you want to store data in these disks you may feel annoyed again.

Therefore, an all in one USB data security solution is necessary for you to realize USB drive encryption regardless of the operation system you use.

Apparently, windows 8 add lots of new features to improve user experience in many ways, but how to ensure security of sensitive data is another issue need to be explored and discussed. Maybe a reliable USB encryption software will save you from constant worry about data leaking and losing. Enjoy fully of the pleasure brought by new technology, at the same time please do not forget to protect your confidential and sensitive data and files.

Nov 02

Copy Protect Files in USB Drives

Copy Protect Files in USB Drives

 Why We Need USB Copy protection Software? 

If you are an owner of a number of intellectual properties it the right time for you to consider about find a good way to copy protect your important files. Copyright issue exists in a variety of fields meanwhile it almost becomes an endless war between the original authors and illegal pirates. 

The development of modern technology and Internet provides convenience for spreading and exchange of all sorts of information and data. Have you has a feeling like that actually you are exposed to all kinds of possible threats from the network itself and bad guys around you. Nowadays with a computer people can easily copy or make some other related modifications of a file which offers illegal distribution of these files a perfect chance. 

Some day when you open your PC and surf the Internet as usual you may be shocked to find your newly finished work has been copied and distributed in an academic forum without your permission. Yes, you can ask the forum administrator to delete your work at once with the help of copy right law, while actually this only offers you the superficial peace of mind, and the spreading will not stop as long as one of the net surfers like you saves a copy. How awful it is if this scenario becomes a reality. 

In the real world people may find it is quite easy to copy a written material or something of this kind, while do they really have the right to copy or spread the content of the material if they really buy a certain product? If you are sensible enough you may find this is a controversial question under the current system of law. 

While in the virtual world of the Internet and computer copying is easy to achieve and the expense is rather cheaper compared with the real world. So that copy protection of certain creative material is a harder and time-consuming project to fulfill. Apart from the on purposed data stealing or distribution there are a group of people called cyber criminal who can copy or even change your files with important data without any trace. The following we will learn how to copy protect files in USB drive.

Copy protection in USB drives

 People now are incline to put important files and documents in a USB flash drive more than put them in a PC because of the feature of portability and easy to be accessed of USB drives. When they are out for an important meeting or attend an academic exchange they may need to show their intellectual materials in the presentation.

In fact, copy protecting your intellectual property is urgent and necessary. Illegal copying and other pirating activities are rampant in both the real world and the Internet world which may jeopardize your copyright from time to time. While the situation is not that much bad and there are still things left for us to do. Now it’s the right and appropriate time for you to make up your mind and take effective measures to safeguard all of your intellectual files and prevent unauthorized copy. 

Solution- Copy protecting files in USB drives with USB Copy Protection.

Actually the most direct and accessible way to secure the copy permission of your files is using a copy protection software to block and stop any illegal copy from your disk. Here is one of the most reliable ones with powerful features: USB Copy Protection. 

It is specialized in copy protecting almost all of the media formats in a USB disk and allows the administrator to control and distribute specific access permission to certain users. With USB Copy Protection you can supervise access permission or set expiration data for a certain user. It uses the most advanced and strongest on-the-fly encryption techniques to ensure your copyright and offers you completely inner peace. 

Under the protection of this soft ware your files or documents can be opened and viewed by the outsider users while they cannot be copied or modified by any unauthorized access. Or you can customize up to 15 types of access permission of your files in the disk. You can easily copy-protect your file in USB drives. 

 All in all many people haven’t realized the importance to guard their copyright or they haven’t found an effective way to protect their files, while it is never too late to put your thoughts into action. You can stop people or anyone else copying your files through copy control when the USB disk is opened to all people with the help of a strong and portable program. 

Further Information:

Tutorial of USB Copy Protection:

If you simply want to password protect your USB drives rather than copy protect them, you may like another product ”USB Security” which is extremely easy-to-use.


Oct 24

Threat of Data Leaking And an Urgent Solution

The rapid development in the computer technology presents a whole different and brilliant world in front of us. Most often we take the security of files for granted and ignore the fact that even the tiniest threat can cause great damage. There exist a numerous potential threats when information is stored and transferred in a variety of ways. Any possible leakage of the information will bring both economic and mental loss to the owner not to mention the severe consequence resulted by the loss of the first grade confidential data.

 Pay attention on data security in a personal PC.

 You are facing all kinds of data leaking in every possible way. If you are just an ordinary PC user, you may think it is not a big deal to put all your working files and documents in the hard drive. While the fact is that it is not wise enough to keep all valuable data open in a computer when all kinds of cyber criminals are rampant.

When people mention illegal data theft, the first thing comes to your mind might be the hacker stuff. This group of people can invade your computer with advanced technology in anytime from long-distance control. Or you may think as a nobody they may not even notice you, but the fact is that you are only a vulnerable computer in their eyes and your data can be easily reached. As the hackers on the Internet are invisible and intangible the only and effective way to guard your files and documents from hackers is to take precautionary measures to protect your privacy.

Another threat for data in a personal computer is from the unauthorized access. You may see a commend scenario in a movie or TV series that the confidential files are easily copied and taken away by a criminal or a rival. This kind of data breach is unpredictable and hard to stop to some extent. Some people just prone to place their data in an open disk and would be bitterly regretted untilled it is too late.

Data security is an urgent problem faced by most of the PC users if they have any important files placed in the local hard drive. The most effective and reliable way to avert any data breach is adopting a strong and reliable program with a password to prevent any possible illegal access to your computer.

 Don’t ignore data security protection in a portable storage disk.

 Using a USB flash disk or other portable storage disk to transfer and copy files from one computer to another might be the easiest and most convenient way for data delivering. However, during this process your valuable data are in a danger of being breached and spread illegally. If you do not lock up your USB disk or take up any other measures to guard it, once you lost your disk you may have to suffer an irreparable damage, then both your work and private life can be affected greatly.

Protecting a USB disk means to use proper method to ensure the security of all data and files in it, that is to say you have to nip any possible data leaking and breach in the bud. From the level of some daily activities you can do a lot of thing to guard the safety of your data, for example do not leave your USB disk in a public place and do not put it in an unreliable hand.

Well, the most useful and direct way to protect a USB flash disk is to set administrator access permission for the operation of the disk and stop any unauthorized access and modification in the disk, therefore, only the administrator or the authorized user can open and make use of the files with a correct password. With the help of a data security program you can get all the above features successfully.  

 Stop data leakage in a shared network and LAN

 Files shared in a shared network and LAN increase the efficiency of working for people in the same network. But without any protection measures the shred files are easily become the target of the cyber criminals and other bad guy. Perhaps your enterprise confidential is flowing out just because the weak protection and lack of awareness of protection.  

To maintain the normal operation of a company sharing basic and internal files or folders is necessary. When you think you are cautious enough to keep all the data of great value in a safe state, but the battle with data leakage or lose will never come to an end. Just leave the shared files or folders open and unprotected in the network can bring you endless trouble and headache, especially when the files are of great value.

If you wish to make sure your share files or folders are accessible only to the specific users you can set a password to guard the shared folder and assign different access permission to each user. To block the attack from malware or cyber criminals you can lock up your files or folders in the shared network and LAN so that every visitor to the files will be stopped without permission.

 All in all, data leakage exists in every aspect of data storage or transferring, and any minor carelessness may cause irrevocable loss to a people’s privacy or a confidential files or documents in a company. To prevent any illegal access to your computer, USB flash disk or shared network, the most effective and accessible measure is to seek for the help of a proper data security program. Only when you realize and value the fact that protection all your files and data is an urgent issue wait to be solved, can you bring yourself a total peace of mind.

Jul 15

How to Password Protect Shared Folder on Lan and Network?

The post is going to show my opinion of the following two topics:
1. What will users care when sharing folders on Network(both Lan and internet)?
2. What is the best software for protecting shared folders on Lan and Network?

Topic 1. What will users care when sharing folder and files on Lan/Network?

The first thing users may care is how to block unauthorized access to their shared folder and files. They might want to share their documents with one or several certain people, for example, members in their same work project. But they don’t allow others to access the shared files.

The second thing is, how to assign different access permissions to those who are allow to access the shared folder. For example, in the same work project, the leader can read, copy, modify the shared file while others can only read.

Topic 2. What is the best software to protect shared folder and files on Network?

Before this topic, I’d like to talk something about encryption algorithm. I think this concept is not strange to all PC users, never mind you are a expert or general home user. You can learn more definitions about this concept from Wikipedia. The most advanced and popular encryption algorithm used by programmers is AES. It is widely used in password protecting folders, files, office documents, USB drives, hard drives etc. With this type of encryption algorithm, it is hardly to decrypt the protected data by hackers or common people.

Now, users may notice that the best software to protect shared folder and files on Network should at least use the AES technique. There are a few good company that are using it such as KakaSoft (all its encryption tools are using AES). If you are looking for a password protection program to encrypt your USB flash drives, local hard drive and data, there are also other good companies for you to choose. But, if you wonder a reliable tool to password protect shared folder and files on network, Kaka Password Shared Folder may be the only choice. You can rarely find another program on internet that are focusing on this field, not any other.

With Kaka Password Shared Folder, you can protect your shared files and folders with passwords. Users can’t access your shard data at all without the password you assign. Even if they get a password of read the shared document, they might not be able to copy, modify, delete, print or do any more on it since they don’t have that kind of permissions. Yes, with Kaka Password Shared Folder, you can assign permissions to different user and groups. So, why not get a free download and try this awesome item? Learn more about Kaka Password Shared Folder …

Get Password Shared Folder Now!

Jun 28

Video Guide you to password protect folder and files on Windows

After Linkedin leaked members’ passwords which were posted on a Russian forum, we noticed that no top website can promise and ensure 100% secure of our personal data and information. The basic and strongest protection is depended by ourselves. If we use more reliable solution to protect our password or private data, the risk of data leaking would be reduced much.

We can lock folder and files to prevent unauthorized accessing. We also can password protect our important or sensitive data and files in case they are stolen by hacker or some general people. This the best choice so far to protect your data.

This post is not read for Mac OS X and mobile phone users but for Windows users. How to password protect folder and files on Windows 7, XP and more? How to protect the entire USB drive, flash drive, thumb drive, memory card and stick or another portable device? The video How to password protect folder and files on Windows 7, XP and more? as shown below will show you step by step instructions. It is a Youtube video provided by me.

To learn more tips, visit or directly download the program from .

Free Download        Buy Now $34.95

Jun 25

1 sepcial and 11 common password protection solutions

Password leaking season is coming! True or story? It’s true! Read the following stories recently happened:

1. The famous social networking site for employer and employees LinkedIn has just got hacked. About 6.45 million passwords were leaked out. All passwords are posted on a Russian Web forum.
2. Then, eHarmony, an online dating site reported another incident. About 1.5 million passwords were stolen and also posted on a Web forum.
3. Last.FM, a streaming music site, then, suffered a similar incident. More than 2.5 million passwords were known by people.
4. Not only those famous sites, leaking incidents are happening every moment all over the world.
We have to ask those websites a question: what kind of protection did you provide for your members? We need more than just an apology, it is safe.

But, on the same time, we should ask ourselves: did we do enough to make our passwords secure? It is also a reminder to users of the importance of password protection. This also remind me of writing an article sharing 1 special and 11 common password protection solutions with readers.

1 Special Password Protection Solution

Set password with password protection utility. Advanced Password Protection Algorithm technique such as AES is more reliable and secure than general encryption. So, but these kind of password protection are usually for local data protection such as folder lock, USB security, Lan or network shared folder protection etc. For example, KakaSoft Advanced Folder Encryption is for Folder and USB Lock. Its Shared Folder Protector is for Lan Shared Folder Protection (not only protecting folders but also set different permissions such as copy, print, read, write etc. for different users). While for website registration, the following 11 common password protection solutions might help you.

11 Common Password Protection Solutions

Longer than 8 characters

Passwords longer than 8 characters are recommended. Passwords less than 6 characters are at a high risk.

Mix letters, numbers and special characters

Include not only letters but also numbers and special characters in your passwords. For example, password “abc_123$d4f” is much stronger than abcedfgh or 12345678. You also can mix up upper and lower cases in a password.

Don’t use the same password for every site

Use different passwords for different sites, if possible. Once a Hacker stolen a password, he will try this password in other sites. This will make security in danger.

Change passwords every three months

Changing your passwords every three months or more frequently would reduce the risk. The editor strongly recommend you to change passwords for banking, credit card sites and email accounts.

A Tip of creating creative passwords

Create long and complex passwords instead of short and easy ones. There is a tip of creating creative passwords: Start with a sentence or two, then remove the spaces between the words. Turn the words into shorthand or intentionally misspell a word or two, and then add numbers to the end of the sentence.

Avoid common words

Don’t use foreign words, dictionary words or proper nouns since even general people would guess them. Make your passwords as difficult as possible.

Avoid Personal Information

Don’t use your personal information such as you or your families’ birthdays, names etc, phone numbers and addresses etc.

Use Random Passwords

Use random passwords if possible. There are plenty of random password generators on the Internet. Some of them are free.

Don’t save passwords in a place being monitored

Users usually write down their passwords in a notepad or excel document and save the file in their computer that monitor can easily access. This is not safe. If you need write down your passwords to avoid forgetting them, I recommend you write them to a paper and save it in a safe place.

Use password management tools

Instead of writing down your passwords, you also can use a password management tool to help you keep and encrypt your registration information. You can find such a tool from internet.

Test your passwords on sites

You can test how secure your passwords are through some password testing sites. They will tell you how easily your passwords can be cracked. Some of the sites will also give you some advice. You can strengthen your passwords according to their advices.

Jun 20

How to password protect a folder on Mac without a third-party utility?

Situations we need password protect folder on Mac

1. I would like to be able to have a folder that i can add objects to (writing files) but to have no read permission ( without a password), i have tried changing the permissions of the folder in ‘get info’ however this only stops the folder from being copied or moved and still has its contents visible.

2. I needed to be able to backup a large collection of files onto a USB hard drive and then send it securely through the mail for safe off-site storage. For some reason, this functionality is not integrated directly into Finder.

3. I don’t want to use disk utility because it will be a pain mounting the disk image every time i need to open the file as well as having to write a new disk image every time i need to change the contents of the folder.

Methods you might try to password protect folder on Mac

1. Hide the folder you want to password protect and make it invisible but this is unsecured and is also annoying to show the hidden folder.

2. Move the folder you want to protect to a removable disk or usb flash drive.

3. Use third-party password protection software.

Requirements of password protection solutions:

1. A solution to password protect folders within finder.

2. A free way without any pay.

3. No third-party utility.

A way to password protect folders on Mac for free without a 3rd-party program

Here is a way for you to password protect a folder with built-in Mac OS X software – Disk Utility. It enables you to avoid using 3rd-party software since your operating system is able to do it for free. The following are steps of protecting a folder:

1. Open “Disk Utility”

2. Go to File -> New -> Disk Image from Folder

3. Choose a folder to protect

4. Choose “AES-128” folder encryption and press Save

5. Enter your password twice

You will get an ordinary Mac .dmg(disk image) file. You can just double-click the .dmg file in Finder to open. Enter your password in the pop-up password dialog box and Finder will decrypt your password protected folder and mount the image as a disk.

Jun 19

How to encrypt folders in Windows 7?

For Windows XP home and profession users, to learn how to password protect folders or encrypt folders, you may refer to Why is File Security necessary? from our official site. This post will show you the steps of password protecting or encrypting folders and files for Windows 7 users.

Follow the steps below to encrypt folders in Windows 7

  • Right-click the folder or file you want to encrypt or password protect, and then click Properties.
  • Click the General tab, and then click the “Advanced”.
  • Select the “Encrypt contents to secure data” check box.
  • Click “Apply”, and then click “OK”.

Kindly Remind

The first time you password protect or encrypt a folder or file, the system will automatically create an encryption certificate. If the certificates and keys have been lost or damaged and no backup, you can not use the file has been encrypted.

Other Solutions of encrypting folders in Windows 7

You also may purchase a third-party password protection or folder encryption program to help you. Usually this way will encrypt your folders and files in higher and stronger way. Here we recommend a commercial folder encryption program produced by KakaSoft, an experienced provider of file security solutions for longer than 6 years. Users may download its products from to have a try. This way applies to Windows 7 and all earlier or newer Windows versions.

We strongly suggest: protect your passwords and backup your folders before and after encryption.